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By December 3, 2013Fist of Justice


So I’ve been meaning to write up a regular blog-thing for the longest time. I was a little confused on where I should publish it, on Blogger? Tumblr? WordPress? Then it occurred to me, why not RIGHT here? I’ve been trying to shape this site into being more of a creator portal than a industry news website anyways.

So here goes: Waaay back in Digital Webbing Presents #24, Mike Imboden and I debuted our character Fist of Justice. Originally it was a throw-away piece, just a 7-pager, read it and done type deal.

But reaction towards the character was pretty positive so Mike and I devised a plan… a plan to bring old Marc Mason back into the comic book publishing world. We found the perfect artist, a newcomer trying to break into comics, named Chad Hardin. Yes, THAT Chad Hardin, the one now drawing Harley Quinn for DC Comics.

And guess where we found him? Yep, right here on this very site’s forums. This was way before Facebook or Twitter became popular and grabbed everyone’s free time. But forums on websites were the “it” thing, it was where you went to network with other creators.

PAGE 2 from DWP29

PAGE 2 from DWP29

So what I’m going to do with this blog-type-thing is post up pages to give you a peek into Fist of Justice’s world. Why?

Because Mike and I are bringing the character back in 2014 in all-new adventures. Sure, it’s been like 4 years since the last issue came out, but isn’t that the beauty behind independent comics? They come out when they can. Right? right? Okay, we realize you’ll need a refresher course to bring you back up to speed which is why we’ll be launching a Kickstarter in January. The Kickstarter will be to help us generate enough funds for a trade paperback collection with a bunch of other cool stuff. We hope you’ll join us. More details later in coming weeks.

This is a good spot to end, gotta save stuff to talk about in future postings. More blog-type-stuff next week! Thanks for reading!

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  • DT "Sketch" Butchino says:

    Any chance we might see a FOJ trade some time? I’ve only been able to read an issue here and there, but I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve seen. I’d love to have a compiled story in a trade or two.

    • Ed Dukeshire says:

      Oh yeah, we actually will be launching a Kickstarter in the next week or so which will be offering a trade. Plus we should have some available at conventions this year (if the Kickstarter is successful).

  • Ed Dukeshire says:

    Oh man. Was going through my old computer’s HD and found all kinds of lost FOJ art I can share on future posts. We’re talking sketches, layouts, pencils, thumbnails. Lemme know if this is stuff you dig or if I should just keep posting sequential pages you can read like above.

    • Mike Imboden says:

      You probably have a lot of stuff I’ve never even seen, so I’m looking forward to this.
      Heck – we might even have enough stuff to make a super-special collector’s edition of behind the scenes stuff!

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