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By March 12, 2015Fist of Justice

Since a few of you enjoyed the behind the scenes posting earlier this week, I thought it was time to do another. This time featuring the artwork of Eduardo Savid who also illustrated several issues of Fist of Justice for us. Issues #3-5 to be exact.

A while back we put out a call for pinups to help us fill out our trading card set. We received a healthy turn-out, unfortunately way too many to put into the card set, but that’s another story. Eduardo didn’t contribute to the initial call for art and didn’t post anything until we announced the zombie bonus in our Kickstarter. Fast forward a few months and we’re into our second Kickstarter and looking for artwork to offer as stretch goal prints. Of course we immediately approach Eduardo to see if he’d let us turn his pinup into a print.

He agrees.

Savid_Pencils Savid_inks Savid_colors

And here you can see the stages of art from pencils to inks to colors. Great stuff! Colors are by Matt Webb. We go to that dude for everything.

Until next time…

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