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By March 3, 2015Fist of Justice

Back before Kickstarter even existed and pledge bonuses of being in a comic weren’t common practice, Mike and I incorporated Glen O’Leary and his comic shop Comic Book Palace into the pages of Fist of Justice.

Unused CoverI’ve been going to Glen’s shop for years. I can’t even begin to guess how long (it’s true what they say, memory fades as you get older). Glen supported us way back when I was publishing Digital Webbing Presents so I wanted to thank him for it and get him a cameo role and cover spot in an issue. Plus we needed something to convert all his customers into Fist of Justice readers. Not all, but most. Hey, we’re not greedy.

The idea actually happened back in 2009 when we were publishing and had national Diamond distribution. When we had to cancel the series with issue #5, The dream of Glen being in the comic faded away like a dropped Diamond indy series. Until now. Kickstarter has given us the ability to continue our series and actually pick up exactly where we left off. The cover drawing you see over on the right was the original Pow Rodrix drew for us back in 2009. We never got it colored and somehow I no longer have the original scan, plus the fact that Pow actually sold the art on eBay stomped out the idea of using it.

With the Kickstarter, we were able to commission Pow to draw a new cover based on the original. As you can see, seven years makes a difference. Pow’s work is incredibly polished and beautiful. Below you can see the inked cover and finally the colored final by Matt Webb.


If you dig this cover and want it in your collection, and missed the chance to grab a copy through our Kickstarter, contact Comic Book Palace as they’re the only one selling this exclusive edition. I also see them offering it up on eBay so a quick search should reveal a copy for you.

Stay tuned for future Kickstarters as I have a feeling you may see more stores involved in the Fist of Justice universe.

Boston Comic Con 2015

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Success at Boston Comic Con!

Advance Copies Arrived!

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Just received some print copies of our latest trade paperback!

The Comic Strip Experiment

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We published daily comic strips through our Twitter feed to help get the word out.

Volume 2 TP Fully Funded!

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Our second trade paperback has been fully funded thanks to you!

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