Making of Cover Five

By March 9, 2015Fist of Justice

Today I was cleaning out my email inbox, which had over a thousand messages. Why? I have no idea. I need to hit that delete button a little more often after I reply to something. But in this case, it worked out for the best or I wouldn’t have a blog post for today.

Back in February of 2009, Mike and I decided to turn Fist of Justice into a cartoon character. So I convinced my buddy Deon Nuckols to take a stab at a cover. Good times. So because of my inability to push that delete button on my email, I can share with you Deon’s cover progress.

FOJ05 Layouts and Pencils

Above you can see Deon’s layouts and finally his tight, tight, tiiiight pencils. Just wanted to note that his first layout nailed it. That’s a dude that knows how to synchronize with us. I can’t remember who originally came up with the cover concept, if it was me, Deon or Mike. That part of my brain no longer functions as clearly as it used to.

FOJ05 Inks and Final

And above, we have the inks beautifully done by Anthony Castrillo and colored by our interior colorist Edemilson Alexandre. I’ll continue to clean out my inbox and share with you all the Fist of Justice goodies I stumble across. Here’s hoping I find all the stages for this issue’s E-Man variant by Joe Staton. It’s gotta be here somewhere.

Until then…

Boston Comic Con 2015

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Success at Boston Comic Con!

Advance Copies Arrived!

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Just received some print copies of our latest trade paperback!

The Comic Strip Experiment

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We published daily comic strips through our Twitter feed to help get the word out.

Volume 2 TP Fully Funded!

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Our second trade paperback has been fully funded thanks to you!

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