Pin-Up Submissions Part 2

RobertSOne of the benefits of running a website with a forum full of artists is seeing other creator’s take on your character. Last year we ran a successful Kickstarter collecting our first batch of stories into a Fist of Justice Volume 1 trade paperback. As one of our stretch goals we gave away random trading cards to all our backers. 11 of those cards included artwork submitted by our forum members.

And because of the success and interest of that, we decided to take another stab at it this year. We’re aiming to do exactly the same thing; release a trading card set as a stretch goal and randomly insert a card into all shippable pledges. We’re also making available the first set to all our backers as an add-on. So if you’re a fan of trading card art, hop on the Kickstarter train as it’s the only place you can get your hands on these.

The artists for this batch of submissions include; On the top right is a piece by forum member known only as RobertS. Below are submissions from Lyle Pollard, Jason Powell, and Bishop Bowie. More to come as artists post them so I’ll catch you in the next update!

If you missed the first batch of submissions, you can click this to view them.

Lyle Powell Bishop

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to work on these. Much appreciated!

Boston Comic Con 2015

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Success at Boston Comic Con!

Advance Copies Arrived!

| Fist of Justice | No Comments
Just received some print copies of our latest trade paperback!

The Comic Strip Experiment

| Fist of Justice | 4 Comments
We published daily comic strips through our Twitter feed to help get the word out.

Volume 2 TP Fully Funded!

| Fist of Justice | 2 Comments
Our second trade paperback has been fully funded thanks to you!

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