Volume 2 TP Fully Funded!

Postcard_modifiedWe’re glad to announce there WILL be a second trade paperback collection! As I write this, our Kickstarter is still in progress and we’ve reached our goal. We’re now into stretch goal territory and will be announcing those shortly.

We know we definitely want to do trading cards again. While I was at the Haverhill Public Library Comic Con, our trading cards were a hot commodity. I sold out by halfway through the day. Wish I had brought more. Are trading cards making a comeback? I sure hope so! I loved non-sport trading cards and have stacks of them sitting around my office.

Another stretch we’re thinking of is making our digital Primer into a printed Primer. It’s our answer to the Marvel Handbook series, but with Fist of Justice content! So stay tuned!

Again, I want to thank you all for showing your support and allowing us to continue the adventures of our Charm City Defender. Thanks again!


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