The Comic Strip Experiment

By June 10, 2015Fist of Justice

Last year when Mike and I decided to Kickstart the first Fist of Justice trade, we came up with the idea of running daily comic strips on Twitter to avoid the repetition of promoting the Kickstarter. It started out really strong with several retweets and favorites.

Eventually it trickled down and the newness wore off. During our second Kickstarter promoting Fist of Justice #7, we decided to continue reprinting the comics in daily comic strip format. The second outing didn’t receive as much attention so we nixed it.

So, we sit here wondering how to proceed from there. We know we WANT to run free comics, whether it be comic strips or full page comics. The one page comic book format seems to be the most accepted format so it might be what we end up publishing. We really wanted to try something new and different with our inventory of stories, but just not sure if it’ll be “accepted.” What are you thoughts on it?

Boston Comic Con 2015

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Success at Boston Comic Con!

Advance Copies Arrived!

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Just received some print copies of our latest trade paperback!

The Comic Strip Experiment

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We published daily comic strips through our Twitter feed to help get the word out.

Volume 2 TP Fully Funded!

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Our second trade paperback has been fully funded thanks to you!


  • Ed Dukeshire says:

    One of my favorite comics strips growing up was the daily Spider-Man strip. IDW just released a HC collection of them which I’m waiting on to receive. It’s been so long ago that I’ve read them, so I can’t remember whether they were written with cliffhangers at the end of each strip.

    When I reformatted the Fist of Justice stories to fit the strip format, I did try to give it a daily treatment with the exception of the splashes, that was a little tough to handle but if I continue doing them in this format, I want to figure out the best way to present them without releasing a single panel for the day.

    Thanks for spending the time responding. I really do appreciate you taking the time!

    • sjvernon says:

      I remember reading the Spider-Man strips too… My memory is a little bit fuzzy. I seem to remember that the larger Sunday strip was self-contained… but the dailies did have mini-cliffhangers from one day to the next.

      For a time, as a kid, I was collecting all the Sunday sections from my local newspaper… we didn’t take the daily papers, so eventually I ended up stopping collecting them… so I like when my favorite comics get collected. I have the Far Side hardbacks… and the Bloom County ones that IDW did… and also the Calvin & Hobbes set. I need to get that Spider-Man set.

      I also remember the Star Wars strip in the paper when I was a kid and for a while I was reading the Phantom too. They had a different pace to them than did regular comics, and it was a nice change of pace to me.

  • sjvernon says:

    I actually like the daily comic strip format myself. I remember when Stephen King tried the release-a-chapter-at-a-time thing years ago and I gather that didn’t go so well. It was probably ahead of it’s time in some ways, but in others… as parts of a larger whole, I think people inherently balked at starting something they knew to be incomplete.

    That’s how I feel about page-a-day deals… If I know there’s a larger story being told a page at a time… I have a tendency to wait for the whole book to be posted before I read any of it. The pages of a comic break down, even with mini-cliff-hangers, in a way that they kind of depend on the reader being able to turn to the next page and continue the story. Put delay in between pages by only posting a page at a time, and I think it either becomes an awkward read OR you end up changing the way you write/draw the comic.

    And if you choose the latter… why not just make it a proper daily comic strip. That way it’s meant to be read in daily snippets but can be put together later for a different reading experience too! So, my vote would be for the daily comic strips over pages from a comic each day. That’s my nickel opinion.

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