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d_hewitt 07-19-2018 09:44 PM

Published Author Seeking Artist for Collaboration
Seeking artist for sample pages, initially, of a graphic novel-length comic, a near-future dystopian action/mystery, working titled Four Horses.

Story Synopsis: Against an America of the not-so-distant future, where fear, religious fundamentalism, and corporate power reign supreme, a renegade Chinese military cabal unleashes a trio of genetically enhanced super-agents, to execute a series of attacks that mimics the coming of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Two would-be heroes uncover this plot: genius inventor/amateur crimefighter RYOMA KISHINTO, and CRACKERJACK of the Department of Strategic Intervention, a one-man governmental espionage and enforcement agency. In their race to uncover and stop this plot, the two find themselves at cross purposes, pressing toward a final confrontation not only with the schemeís puppetmaster, but also with each other.

Iím a published F/SF author--my stories have appeared in Severed Pressís 2012 AD anthology and on Kaleidotrope--and I lived in Japan, studying classical martial arts, for eight years. I have a full page-by-page script for this graphic novel-length work, as well as issue-by-issue breakdowns for potential serial release. Looking for an artist collaborator, initially to produce six sample pages, fully inked and lettered--ideally colored, too, but this is negotiable--and in the long term, to collaborate on the entire series/graphic novel. I intend to pursue options from querying major publishers down to Web publishing, Kickstarter or other options. I will handle query letters, synopses, etc.

If interested, please send resume/portfolio link or samples to:

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