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jeffreygraphix 12-21-2017 05:31 PM

My Snowman Story - Your Feedback Requested Please
My Snowman Story

My Snowman story, War With WYNTR, is currently in production. The story is about the bond a child forms with the creations that they create from the snow, their friendship, and sacrifice. Additionally, I am testing the limits with this story about how far that bond can go between creation and child. I have been working on the cover, the storyboards, and story maps for the story this morning. I saw this image in my mind, title and all. Out of compellation, I decided to run with it even though typical covers can be done last. I am looking for your thoughts though. What do you think of the font and the design? Please let me know what you think!

paul brian deberry 12-21-2017 06:35 PM

Cool stuff. Like the character design. The font is tad bit tooo big. Id would probably drop down at least a couple.

jeffreygraphix 12-21-2017 10:33 PM

Thanks. I appreciate your feedback. I will reduce the font size of the Title a few notches.

griffin 12-22-2017 03:16 AM

Not only that, it needs to be moved. Maybe that will happen when you shrink it.
But it's hiding the hand and you can't tell if he's holding a sword or what.

I like consistency. Just my opinion, but I guess the "With" in the title is supposed to be snow and the "Winter" and "War" is supposed to be ice.
I think a sharp crisp font crashes with the hand drawn style of the art and looks slapped on top.

I like the spelling, but I think you should customize the font for you title.
Do lots of stuff to make it more your own design.

Those look like default settings.
And so you could.....

1) Put snow drops or bits on top of the font.
2) Change the distance between of the letters. (especially between the "W" and the next letter)
3) Change the Ws slightly so it's not the same W for both winter and war.
4) Flatten the lettering for WAR and damage the letters. Rip the W. Burn the edges, anything.
5) Place the letters on top for a cover and on the bottom for a banner.
6) make the title more of a logo that looks good in isolation. By itself against white and black backgrounds. Change its shape to be tighter and closer.

jeffreygraphix 12-22-2017 08:16 AM

Thanks. Those are really great suggestions. I appreciate you taking the time to be so thorough. I am going to start reworking the title text today.

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