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KidEternity 02-05-2018 04:30 PM

Tales Of Fractured Worlds
Check out this cool Kickstarter campaign going on at the moment! I'd love for you to take a look and if you'd love to get behind it then great!

"Tales Of Fractured Worlds is an anthology of science fiction tales that focuses on human stories with a backdrop of ecological, environmental and social issues. TOFW continues on the idea of 'socially conscious comics' that developed in our first book, Tales Of The Fractured Mind. TOTFM was an anthology dedicated to mental health and promoting awareness and all our books will be stories with heart, meaning and a message.

Tales Of Fractured Worlds features stories about the environment, indigenous people, global warming, consumerism and globalization. We hope these stories ring true - art is the start of changing the world. Science fiction can tell the stories that people don't want to face up to. Sometimes the world is so dark, we need an escape. However, what if that escape could change your mind on something, or show you a side of life that you might not have seen or understood before."

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