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this is kinda neat. id like to see more.

I think the weird panel design isn't helping anything at all. those last 2 panels took me some time to figure out what I was seeing.

one thing to be aware of is like in panel 2, you have the top of that ..whatever it is..a creature I guess..? the top of that shell thing lined up perfectly with the horizon line in the distance and it just ruins the whole composition. it should be offset..with above the horizon line or below it.

the last panel is not bad, but the arrow is so small its kinda hard to see. but I think being small like that might be a good thing in a story telling way.. so I come back to the strange panel layout...if this box the drawing was in was more traditionally square, I think that it may help visually make everything more easy to see and understand.

show us more of this tho. its kinda cool.

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