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Originally Posted by Scribbly View Post
I agree with this. Less talk and more walk. How to make comics or podcasts about comics we can find a lot at yutubey's , websites & blogs.
We are here for comics making. Lets make comics.
We can vote for what genre or theme and start working the scripts and artwork from there. As we did already.

For avoiding former bad experiences and financial burden, such material could be published later on some Comixology place or whatsoever.
And see what happen.

If the material works well, maybe eDuke or somebody else would like bring the whole book to printed format.

My two cents.
If I could offer my two cents, I'd say we should consider going with a single theme for DWP (if we're moving forward with it of course). Something genre related like horror or Sci-fi, like what Alterna's IF anthology does every year. It keeps things consistent and doesn't result in a whole mesh of random stories collected into a single anthology. Also, while I don't totally agree with the idea of a single letterers I think it would probably be a good idea to have a small select handful of letterers and colorists to avoid things from getting too muddled. Last thing, I think it would be best if it's distributed through Comixology and 100% digital. As great as it would be to see it on print, I feel this would help ease some of the financial burden.

Again, these are just my two cents on the matter. Like many artists here, I really want to see DWP return. Rob said it best, we all want to get published and see our work get recognition. I personally want something like DWP to succeed even if I don't get to be apart of it. Let's keep these ideas coming and hopefully we can come to some type of compromise that gets DWP back on print.
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