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LOVE TNG... but DS9 is MY jam. just a rich show with layered characters and stories that went places that tng never dared or only barley hinted at.

voyager was 80% hot garbage. they just didn't know what to do with themselves. occasionally they got it right.

Enterprise was 95% garbage. same problems as voyager, just much worse. no idea what to do...
it also didn't help that Battlestar Galactica was on at the same time and THAT shit gave me everything I didn't know I was missing in sci TV. made enterprise look so weak and neutered by comparison.

love the original cast movies.

all the tng movies were mostly bad and didn't reflect the amazing TV show that they came from.

actually really like the Kelvin timeline stuff. especially the last one Beyond. that was great.

and DISCOVERY. I'm digging it. has balls. doing something different. entertaining as hell. they said "fuck". and had a nude sex scene with an ugly Klingon bitch. kinda hot and awesome. I'm on board.

so..thats me.
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