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Rare and/or forgotten anime movies.

I posted a similar topic to this before,but...I wanted to get down to the real nitty gritty of what I discovered quite recently on YouTube.

Oh sure,Dragonball gets all the attention,but personally I was never a fan of such an overrated cash cow to begin with,however I did find the original a lot more entertaining than all that Z claptrap and the current "Super" series going on.

Anyhoo,I found that the very very best animes(Imho.)are the underrated ones that get no attention and vanish quite quickly.

And to top it all off,there are animes out there that sadly never made it here to the USA,and I wonder if they ever will.

Here for your viewing pleasure are some of the most amazing and forgotten anime movies I as an anime fan ever laid eyes on.


California Crisis(Also 1986)

Del Power X

Bobby's in too deep

Space Fantasia 2001 nights


Nineteen19 OVA (1990)

And that's about all the rare and hard as hell to find animes that I know of. How the hell these never made it to America I will never know.

Like I said,maybe we should write to our anime distribution companies that are still around.

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