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I am sooooooooo glad your back!

I was so tired of linking and seeing the same strip and wanting to know how does it all wrap up! and finally it was there... a new strip. and i could go back and see the demise of patpat. BITCH!
i am glad to have you back creating again. i was worried about you. luckily, i have been reading final girl and knowing you were alive. and for some reason everytime i tried to comment there i got the shaft! so here i am wishing you back to toonville with a smile and a few words that mean a lot to me.
I MISS YOU DUDE! and rachelle misses you too (she just said that to me out of the blue the other day and we held each other and wept (which is totally true except for the holding and weeping part (men don't cry bitch! )))
i went a little crazy with the smilies. sorry
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