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I'm going through the MCU leading up to Infinity War

So I've been watching every Marvel movie (plus Agent Carter) in chronological order leading up to Infinity War. I've seen just about all of them before, but watching them binge style has given me a new perspective and allowed for a better comparison.

Regardless of how you feel about the quality of the movies or what happens in Infinity War, this 10 year event of huge, related movies has been pretty special.

My current hot take - the Iron Man movies are easily the worst part of the MCU. Why are random bad guys capable of building a suit that makes Iron Man's look like tin foil? Iron Man 1 = Smartest guy on Earth invents technology and refines it through multiple iterations, bad guy picks up steel knock off in desert and makes better version first try. Ok end rant. Even hotter take - Iron Man 3 might be the best of the trilogy.

Captain America has the best individual movies of the universe, followed closely by Thor. It's a shame we didn't get a true Cap 3, as Civil War was more Avengers 2.5.(I'm ignoring all speculation about Infinity War, but Chris Evans' reported contract does not give me hope for Cap's future.)

I loved Black Panther, let's see if the events in Infinity War will allow him to have a trilogy - that could end up overtaking Cap. (Ditto for Dr. Strange)

What are your thoughts on this 10 year arc wrapping up? Am I completely wrong about Iron Man? Do you agree Cap and Thor are the best movies? Let's talk about anything from any part of the MCU.

For those who also want to binge in order.
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