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Writer Seeking Artist for a Horror Comic about a Giant Killer Buck (Paid)

Hey guys,

Iím a comic writer looking for an artist for a 3 issue mini-series (66 pages of artwork + 3 covers total).


Bambi meets Jaws in this survival horror comic about a group of deer hunters who have a run in with a giant killer buck in the woods.


When confronted with a blood-thirsty, giant killer buck during their deer hunting trip, a young orphan and his adopted father must come together if they hope to survive and slay the antlered-beast.

About Me

Iím a comic writer whoís been published in comic anthologies and Iím looking to do my first full fledged comic miniseries. You can see some of my work on my website edweenlo.com.

Besides the writing, Iíll be funding this project and handling the marketing and any tasks outside of artwork.

The Plan

The first script is done, the second and third outlined and partially written. But donít worry, Iím open to your suggestions and script changes!

Hoping for the best, but planning for the worst, weíll be pitching this comic to some small publishers, but if that doesnít pan out weíll share the comic online as a webcomic, and once itís fully completed, Kickstart it in hopes of getting it printed as a small graphic novel.

The main objective for me is to have a completed, kickass mini-series under my belt. Getting published or getting this funded on Kickstarter would be a cool bonus, but not the main goal.

Whom Iím Looking For:

Iím looking for a passionate, talented comic book artist that wants to start AND finish a comic book series and can deliver quality artwork within a reasonable time frame.

Someone whoís a good communicator, nice, fun to work with, would be awesome too!

Art Requirements

This story takes place in the woods, so youíll need to be comfortable drawing trees and grass and leaves and stuff like that. Oh, and thereís blood and guts and guns and even a car chase on an ATVóso you need to be cool with that. Finally, you gotta be able to draw a rad, badass looking giant killer buck.

I was thinking B/W with gray tones but I'm open to colors as well.

How to Apply

If you think youíre the person for the job, email ealopez007@gmail.com with some art samples! Let me know if you can ink and color your own work and what your page rate is.

Iím going to take this weekend to look over stuff so donít fret if I donít reply right away.

Note: I may need a colorist, letterer, or designer eventually if the artist doesnít handle that themselves, so feel free to send in your portfolios too, but I probably wonít reply to those inquiries until I need someone. But you'll be on my radar

Okay, thanks for reading!

Take care
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