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dead forums are boring AF
hahaha, very true.
Have a look at all my other work.... you won't regret it.
Well you might, but do it anyway!


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kevinharte36 will become famous soon enough

Originally Posted by MattTriano View Post
RE: PANEL CONFUSION + SEASICKNESS: I don't see what's floating in the Nightwing panel but YES the guys sitting around the table - both in yours and in the printed page as well -- are creating an uneasy and unnecessary relationship btwn page form and content, they look like they're in a fucking yacht on choppy seas! Is that Ivan Reis or Eddy Barrows pencils?

RE: 3D FIGS: They're cool but don't use them as gospel. Even in that first pose -- which is good -- the guy's bicep is smushed into his chest like it hasn't breadth and width, structure where it needs. If you decided to be lazy and use that very well rendered and generally cool 3d model image as direct ref without any other ref images (to supplement your visual library and give the thing volume in your mind's eye) your drawing would be wack and everyone would be telling you so. And you might think (or even say) 'but I used reference.' And you did, just not enough. Not enough for YOU to understand what you're drawing enough for the READER to buy it.

PS4 graphics are incredible and the games seem very fun but don't actually buy a video game system if you want to draw comics. Sorta kidding, sorta not. They just take too much time. Both things. To do simultaneously and also have a life outside those two. FYI for all.
Yes it's Eddy Barrows. Personally I like the old school panel layouts like Steve Dillon, Kirby,etc.

Going to study these more, already can see mistakes pop out more after watching some of these tutorials.


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