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  1. Back end penciler.
  2. Back-end Colorists.
  3. Illustrator wanted who can draw vehicles
  4. Comic artist needed for collaboration on new limited run series.
  5. Writer seeking artist for webcomic collaboration (unpaid)
  6. T-shirt art URGENTLY needs colorist, Adam Hughs style colors preferred
  7. Artist for a 5 pg story
  8. Inker Needed for Creative Team
  9. searching for artist to draw a never before published Jack Kirby concept
  10. Paid project for promo art/pinup that may lead to regular work
  11. Seeking artist for 6 issue mini series to be published
  12. Artist needed for web series, paid work
  13. The unforgivable submission
  14. The Rules... AKA Read This First
  15. Colorist needed to complete Creative Team
  16. Looking for ARTIST for ONGOING or 5 PAGE SHORT COMIC
  17. Artist need for B&W British gangland mini-series
  18. Moose Crossing issue two ANTHOLOGY
  19. Writer Seeking Artist for Comic Book
  20. Comic artist needed for writer's portfolio- paid
  21. Seeking Colorist and Letterer for garunteed publishing comic
  22. Writer needed...
  23. Writer looking for artist for norse fantasy adventure series.
  24. Open Submissions For Upcoming Anthology
  25. Looking for artist on web comic
  26. Published Artist Seeking Writer for Comic Book
  27. Manga Artist Needed for Shonen Jump Competition
  28. Artist Wanted For Comic Book Series
  29. colorist with retro comics style
  30. Looking for an artist for a 6-page anthology submission.
  31. Looking for artist willing to crowdfunding
  32. Looking for an Artist: Payment Negotiable
  33. Looking for B/W Comic Artist
  34. Looking for an artist for Shonen Jump Contest!
  35. Need a Peciller & a Colorist!!
  36. artist needed for 1 page comic (paying job)
  37. Published Comic Seeking New Artist...
  38. Looking for an artist for a short comic (sci-fi)
  39. Seeking Artist For Next Proposal...
  40. Artist needed for 8 page fantasy comic
  41. Artist needed for ONGOING being pitched to IMAGE COMICS
  42. Prepare for a SHOCK: Writer looking for artist
  43. Looking for Inker for Gritty crime comic (backend pay)
  44. Artist needed for comic pitch (paid)
  45. Publisher attached: Pencils needed
  46. Upcoming WWI Anthology still needs a few artists
  47. COLORIST & LETTERER needed for Superhero Anthology
  48. Looking for stories for anthology
  49. ARTISTS and COLORISTS wanted for GEEK-GIRL 4-issue mini-series
  50. Sketch Artists/Character/Costumes for a SciFiction Film.
  51. Artist needed aspa for anthology
  52. Published Author Seeking Artist For Next Project
  53. All round artists needed
  54. Publisher looking for Artist
  55. Seeking Collaborators
  56. seeking artist for webcomic collaboration
  57. collaborator(s) needed!
  58. Published writer looking for artist
  59. In search of comic book inker
  60. Comics Crux is looking for writers
  61. Inker needed for Afghanistan war comic book
  62. Artist(s) needed to launch ongoing series
  63. Actors/Models/Cosplayers Wanted in Hamilton/Niagara Area
  64. Colorist Needed For Pitch
  65. ARTIST needed for Anthology ASAP
  66. Writer and penciller need inker and colorist for one-shot
  67. Looking for Artist/Letter for MARVEL submission
  68. Looking for Women Artists (Pencillers, Colorists, Letterers)
  69. Letterer wanted for 5-page sample of superhero GN
  70. Book/Logo Designer for graphic novel pitch
  71. writer need artist, inker and colorist
  72. Looking for reviewers for Yakuza vs Lizards
  73. ARTIST WANTED for Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman
  74. Sequential artist required for immediate start
  75. Become a character in my next comic book!
  76. Artist Needed for 5-6 pg Short Story
  77. Help wanted
  78. Wordpress Comic Web Design
  79. do you have a all-ages complete book?
  80. Looking for Artists to make great comics (pay through Kickstarter)
  81. Let's Quit Our Day Jobs!
  82. Inker, colorist wanted... join the revolution!!
  83. Artist Wanted for Two Page KID INTENSE Story
  84. Creative Alliance Media Wants You!
  85. Colorist Needed for Comic book Pitch backend Pay
  86. ARTIST NEEDED for modern Jekyll & Hyde comic
  87. need ghost writer to he me a pubilsed artist to pitch to companies sorry can not pay
  88. Penciler needed
  89. colorists needed
  90. cover artists needed
  91. Letterers Needed
  92. Zombie coloring book
  93. COLORIST needed for modern Jekyl & Hyde comic
  94. LETTERER needed for modern Jekyl & Hyde comic
  95. Pencilers for web comics / comic books
  96. Colorist needed
  97. Illustrators Wanted
  98. Noir Colourist Needed
  99. The unforgivable#1
  100. artist looking for a solid pitch
  101. Illustrator wanted for web based graphic novel. Long term. PAID.
  102. Artist/s needed for pitch-to-series comics project - Paid (?) gig
  103. Logo Design Needed
  104. Writer Needed
  105. Need Writer For Wrestling Comic Book
  106. Sequential Artist Needed
  107. Colorist needed
  108. Artist(s) Needed!!!!!!
  109. Collabroating with a director for Superhero Movie.
  110. neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed artist!!!
  111. Need Inker for Unusual Super-Powered Comic
  112. Need artist for gritty angel comic
  113. artist needed for super hero comic
  114. Submission needed!
  115. Colorist Needed For Comic
  116. Artist team needed for kickstarter comic miniseries
  117. Independent Comic Company Needs Colorist
  118. So Artists
  119. Need Artist/ Collaborator for Sexy Adult Spy Comic
  120. Small start up company looking for artists
  121. Artists needed
  122. Seeking collaborator for noir thriller set in 1940s New York
  123. Artist required for WWI short
  124. Artist Needed
  125. Pencilers and Inkers Needed
  126. Artist for some caricatures
  127. SDCC: need Digital Colorist/painter for promotional material pronto
  128. Artist needed for a Tales From the Crypt-style project
  129. Realist artist for pitch
  130. Colorist needed for "book & record" style comic
  131. Colorist wanted for dark superhero GN/limited series
  132. LOOKING FOR COLORIST for cover that will see exposure. be published thiu small press
  133. Writer/Artist Looking for Letterer - PAID
  134. The Alchemist - a self published comic book
  135. Artist Needed for Western (back-end pay)
  136. Artist needed for Superhero Graphic Novel (pre-funding available)
  137. Zombie horror artist!!!
  138. Inker and Letterer needed
  139. all ages colorist needed
  140. ARTISTS WANTED for Geek-Girl mini-series
  141. Artist Seeking Writer for young reader's comic (think "The Incal" for children
  142. Help Wanted
  143. Seasoned Scripter looking for artist
  144. Collaborators Wanted!!
  145. Letterer needed
  146. Pencilers needed
  147. Looking for Columnist, Bloggers & Reviewers
  148. Artist's needed for sci-fi series.
  149. Inker Needed for a Five Page Noir Story
  150. SECOND SIGHT STUDIOS is looking for an artist
  151. Artist Wanted For A Space Themed Web Comic About Junk Food
  152. Seeking Colorist Collaborators For Two New Digital Comics Series
  153. Any Aspiring Artists Want To Be Published?
  154. looking for colorist (paid)
  155. Illustrator needed - paid - Batman parody project
  156. Established webcomic needs a new artist...
  157. Western Needs Artist (paid)
  158. Writer and Editor available.
  159. Would You Like To Work On Something Truly Different?
  160. Artist looking for the right YA girl-friendly story
  161. Second sight studios looking for artist, inkers, letterers, and colorist
  162. Story-boarder needed - music video clip
  163. Artists Ready to Work and Be Seen? We Are Too!!
  164. Artists: I have scripts in the following "genres"...
  165. Colorist for 7 page pitch
  166. Penciller & Colorist Wanted For Paid Job!
  167. Letterer Needed
  168. Penciler needed
  169. "Blood In. Blood Out." Gritty Crime Drama Seeks inkerer
  170. Artist Needed, 7 pages, Might Be Published
  171. Searching for artist for webcomic.
  172. Writer Seeking ARTIST For Webcomic (Colourers & Letterers Too)
  173. Colorist wanted for dark superhero GN/limited series
  174. Small Press Publisher Needs Letterer!
  175. Writer wanting a partner
  176. Looking for Kickstarter buddy
  177. Champion Comics looking to hire artists for two new Premiere Specials.
  178. Guest artists wanted for webcomic/graphic novel
  179. Revolt Comics
  180. Movies and/or Comics Reviewers Needed
  181. Published Writer Seeking Artist for Rock n' Roll Superhero book (stipend paid)
  182. Viking Anthology -- Looking for Writers (and Artists)
  183. Looking for a webcomics partner.
  184. ARTISTS WANTED for Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman
  185. Colorist Needed For Pitch
  186. Looking for Artist - Self Funded/Kickstarter project
  187. "Celestial Corps" needing colorist, Inker
  188. Published writer looking for artist.
  189. Zombie Promo Coloring book
  190. ROM Spaceknight Remake Project (Penciller/Inkers, Colorists, Letterers)
  191. Looking for an artist
  192. Looking for Colorist.
  193. Transmissions From Atlantis Comics is Open for Submissions
  194. Pin up artists needed
  195. PAID GIG: Book Cover Artist Needed
  196. Writer Looking for Artists (and Inkers, Colorists and Letterers) to make great Comics
  197. Comic Book Artists Needed ASAP
  198. Submissions for new anthology now being accepted
  199. Looking for a horror comic writer.
  200. I need some falts done, yesterday.
  201. Concept artist/collaborator wanted for humorous superhero comic
  202. Published seven page story
  203. Publisher, Seeking talented inker.
  204. Simple character design with a few poses ...
  205. Artists, Pencilers, Inkers, Letterers, Colorists Needed ASAP!
  206. Artist Needed for 8 Page Sci-Fi Noir! Robots! Artificial Intelligence! Consciousness!
  207. Looking for a TRUE Collaborator
  208. Writer in Search of an Artist
  209. Qew publishing seeking letterers
  210. Artist Wanted With an Animators Sensibility
  211. Colourist Search
  212. Looking for artist for comic book
  213. Amateur Penciller looking for writers
  214. Looking For ARTISTS For Stickman Webcomic
  215. make a name for yourself... and help to make a difference
  216. Qew publishing seeking letterers
  217. Looking for cartoonist (paid)
  218. TETHER: comic series needs artist
  219. Looking for letterer
  220. Looking for a talented and creative letterer
  221. Looking for Artist, will do KICKSTARTER to fund...
  222. Needed penciler & inkers & colorists.
  223. Paid Gig(s): Artists Wanted for Mini-Comics
  224. 8 Page Horror Stories Needed For Monthly Anthology Series
  225. Looking for artist for British political western
  226. Artist needed for dark and edgy sci-fi tale.
  227. Logo Designer
  228. Looking for an inker for anthology project
  229. Writer Looking for Talented Artists on Great Comics (Pay through Kickstarter)
  230. Artist needed for web-comic ($5-10 per page)
  231. Colorist wanted!!!
  232. Superhero Comic Artists Wanted - 6 Pages - Token Payment Only
  233. Looking for help on dark/edgy mystery graphic novel
  234. Aspiring artist wanted for medieval fantasy
  235. Need Penciller and Colorist for last 2 issues of Bluewater mini
  236. Writer wanted for light-hearted adult comic!
  237. seeking colorist for short (6 pages)
  238. Looking for an Inker and Colorist!
  239. Seeking artist for NYCC project
  240. Comic artist needed- paid
  241. Looking for writer to collab on shorts
  242. Writer looking for an artist for some shorts.
  243. Help Wanted
  244. Artist looking for writer to collaborate on short comic
  245. Never to early for Christmas
  246. Colorist for Pen and Ink Projects
  247. We Need 5 More Artists ASAP!!!
  248. Looking for Manga inspired artist for battle manga "NO PEACE Under Heaven"
  249. Serious artist needed to collaborate on potentially lucrative concept
  250. Colorist wanted for dark superhero GN/limited series