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11-12-2013, 05:47 PM


Adventures in space, epic side scrolling action, monsters and mystery… all that’s missing is you! For PC/Mac/iOS/Android/OUYA and funding permitting other platforms.

Keep up with Sen on twitter @Cake_Machine (http://www.twitter.com/Cake_Machine), facebook at Project Sen Official, and tumblr at CakemachineGames! #ProjectSen

Humanity’s last hope needs your help.

When the lunar colony of Barimos is decimated by a mysterious attack, only one soldier remains standing: Sen, a rookie on her very first mission. She’s the most promising recruit the System Defense Force has ever seen, but will her talent be enough to protect her from an enemy that a whole army couldn’t defeat?

Cake Machine Games’ “Project Sen”, launching in 2014, is an all-new 2-D platformer inspired by Megaman X and Super Metroid. Using the classic jump, duck, and blast action you know and love, you’ll guide Sen through the alien landscapes of Barimos as she fights her way towards the truth. You and Sen will unlock new abilities, artifacts, and areas as you progress – with even more content available after you’ve beaten the game.

“Project Sen” features lush backgrounds, detailed sets, and carefully rendered characters to create a living world to immerse yourself in.

Sen has what it takes to stand up to robots, monsters, and just about anything else on this dangerous moon – but only if she has you to back her up first. Are you ready to accept the challenge?