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11-14-2013, 10:39 PM
Hello I'm new to the site. Also new to creating comics here is my first project The Bug. A super hero/mystery/horror comic


Be Warned it is kind of graphic/gory

some of the story aspect The Bug's family (haven't actually thought of his secret identity yet lol) they own a psycho house an asylum of sorts its been passed down from generations. They try to actually rehabilitate there patients so

they are all psychologists including the bug he's just the youngest. The bug wasn't positive that he wanted to stay in the nut house though he
discovered other options he went to school or is currently going to school for criminology and csi and such. Of course in police school you learn hand to hand combat and what not plus he was bullied as a child learned martial arts then

as well. Saying this though the bugs family aren't bruce wayne rich but they're pretty well off.
Dr. Cutta is a psychologist at the asylum as well they obviously they don't know he is crazy. Anyhow for awhile patients come up missing they have no idea why. One night the bugs dad tries to find out why so he goes to the asylum after

hours he sees bright lights under a door, hears, screaming and psychotic laughter. He follows the light scared of course, he goes opens the door the light is brighter under the next door so he opens it and again until he gets to dr.

cuttas office. There was blood spatter in the room and a trail of blood heading under what the bugs dad remembers being dr.cuttas office closet. He opens it in surprise and horror the room is a lot bigger now doctor cutta has a patient

on a table cutta has some goggles on covered in blood. The patient strapped to the table. Dr cutta cutting into him with an electric torch. In the far end of the room there is a large class container with a large figure in it, tubes

going to it the figure looked to be incomplete and disgusting the skin was sowed together different colors of skin. The skin was dead flesh so the lack of color was there also but obviously different pigments. The bugs dad ran scared

stumbling along the way.

The light stopped and the laughter stopped. After running through the large asylum, and out of the back ran across the large field. The field was very foggy. In the back. Very far behind the asylum there was a cemetery foggy creepy

criks and crunches through out the cemetery. A man with a leather mask appears before him with a flash of light (flesh hunter http://thebugcomic.deviantart.com/art/Flesh-Hunter-by-fo3the13th-202408976 ) he was wearing an orange straight

jacket but it wasn't tied up. He said I found you. Dr.Cutta can't let you get away with this secret. I was told to just leave him your brain, you're knowledge will do the creation well. I am no longer hungry so i'll only eat your


At this same time the bug comes to the asylum he forgot his wallet or phone or something. He hears screams. He follows the sound as he does he sees droplets of blood heading toward the back door (his dad got cut while he was stumbling

out of cuttas office.) As the bug goes out the back he continues to follow the screams. Finally when gets to cometary he sees a figure standing over a hole the screams have stopped the figure looks towards the bug (flesh hunter runs

electricity through his body making it shake so the image of him is distorted). Then the man disappears the bug walks to the hole in the cometary his father lay dead in the hole bloody the top of his head cut off brain missing and his

kidney taken out. Then all of a sudden there was wind and the bug got pushed into the hole on his fathers warm bleeding corpse (got pushed by flesh hunter.) The hole started filling with dirt the bug was screaming he started to feel

biting there was a flesh eating bug on him starting to dig into his flesh he killed the bugs biting him the hole filled quick. More bugs came The Bug clawed his way out ripping his fingernails off cuts scraps and lots of bug bites. It

took several hours to get out he was exhausted he got out and passed out in the cemetary.

The next morning he woke up in the hospital cops all around. He got questioned about the murder he was given a couple months off to grieve. Through that time he stayed in his own large house. Looking up case files, searching for what he

saw. He stayed up in his top floor studying. When he began to drift to sleep he practiced his martial arts. He worked out he got into great shape. He returned to the asylum after he extended his grievance for another month(so 3 month

leave) He had to step up his role, he had to help his mother take charge in the asylum now that his dad was dead. Dr. Cutta stepped up( he never got caught flesh hunter cleans well and fast).Dr.Cutta hid away his projects(eventually the

bug finds his lab under the asylum.) With Dr.cutta in a higher position he has more access to the patients. There was a mass release of certain patients. They ran around the bug's city(I don't have a design for his city yet.) the bug

knew who they were and where they belonged including the leader of the pumpkin patch (http://thebugcomic.deviantart.com/art/Welcome-to-the-Pumpkin-Patch-332303031 ).

So to speed things up a bit he starts his career as the bug wearing a bug costume to remind him of the night his father died as it was the bugs worst night ever he feared the flesh eating bugs so he dressed up as one. As the bugs story

goes by he starts to go insane himself which I wasn't going to originally do but figured it would set himself apart from others. He begins to see things sometimes they are actually there other times they aren't. He talks to himself

eventually. I figured if you spend a lot of time with crazy people you'll probably become crazy yourself.

Powers well his suite it say like batman beyonds just not as extreme it gives him the strength of increased strength like an ant not as increased though. He has a camouflage setting as some bugs do. He can talk to swarms of bugs with

his antenna say he wants to run quickly he calls a swarm of bugs they surround him and when the swarm disappears so does The Bug. Im going to do something with silk like the silk worm.
Oh also the creation since it does have the bugs dads brains sometimes the bugs dad talks through The Creation.

Max Romaine
11-15-2013, 02:03 AM
I have to be honest, the concept holds little interest for me. I love horror and a good mystery is okay, but I admit I generally dislike superheroes unless it's a truly amazing and unique idea. I'm really impressed with your artwork, however. Very good drawing and nice colors, too. Well done all around. Love it!

I love the outfit as well, but two details strike me as a little impractical. First, the antennae are bit too long I think. If I were a superhero running around doing heroic and active things, I wouldn't want a couple two foot long cords sticking out at the top of my head. Those things are bound to get snagged on something or used by an opponent to grab onto.

Second, I don't think the spikes on the backs of his calves are feasible. Anytime he crouches they're going to dig into the backs of his thighs. I'm assuming, though, that they're sharp and rigid. If they're part of his outfit and purely cosmetic and flexible, then it shouldn't be a problem.

Very nice art, though! Hope to see more.

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11-15-2013, 02:34 AM
Thank you guys. Ill just say his antenna would be like lets say another super heroes cape gotta have a weakness lol although the things on his legs i never even thought of that lol in that case they are purely cosmetic :D ill keep yall updated