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06-02-2014, 06:00 PM
'Torsobear: Yarns From Toyburg' Kickstarter Campaign is now LIVE!


20+ contributors, 11 stories, a A 104 page anthology Graphic Novel.

Ruxby Bear and Toyburg PD investigate cases of violence, corruption and murder in a city of toys.

Pledge this week at 'BOOK' level and above to get your free sketch inside!
British Booze 'n' Monsters comic celebrates 1st year with a special issue!


Reviews for the Torsobear original short story -

‘The best contribution by far (in both art and writing) has to be Torsobear by Brett Uren… It is beautiful, stunning, and haunting. And I wanted more.’ – Max Delgado, Unleash The Fanboy

‘It reads like Raymond Chandler meets Teddy Ruxpin with a generous dose of Robert Crumb and we’d love to see a full series of it.’ – Pipedream Comics

‘The art style and color choices made it feel like a more disturbing and adult Hanna Barbera piece, and the blend of issues such as racism, crises of faith, and horrific crimes with a world of toys resonated with me.’ – Jodi Scaife, Fanboy Comics

Torsobear: Yarns from Toyburg, is the first volume of a cartoon noir comic book, about toy-on-toy crime in the fantastic home of playthings.

The project is being made in collaboration with indie upstarts such as Cy Dethan (Cancertown, The Indifference Engine), Brockton McKinney (Ehmm Theory, DeathCurse), Glenn Møane (Fubar: American History Z, Indie Comics Magazine), Carlos Nick Zamudio (The Remains), and many more already known for producing hit titles from out of the blue.

Created by Brett Uren, Torsobear originally appeared as an 8-page short story in issue #2 of the Norwegian digital-only anthology Outré, under the theme of ‘hopelessness’.
Brett previously created the African-folklore horror epic Kuzimu for 215 Ink, before moving to Dead Universe Publishing to release Cthulhu-mythos-British-urban-sitcom ‘The Vale’.

Such was the positive reaction from readers and press to Torsobear, with interest from comic book creators, that a collaborative project emerged from that small initial idea, growing into a whole world with a rich history, city districts and social structure.

Anybody who loves cute toys and cartoons, new and old, will love the 11 stories contained within. But be warned, these yarns ain’t for the faint of fluff!

Head over to the Kickstarter page now to grab a piece of Fluffy Noir storytelling!
Check out awesome story previews, art process features, creator bios and interviews, plus much more being updated every day at TORSOBEAR.COM (http://torsobear.com)

06-05-2014, 09:17 AM
I would like to say I approve of this anthology....and I'm totally not biased or anything.:whistlin: