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06-06-2014, 10:30 AM
Dark Panel web comics has recently launched. Our site features two ongoing Western-themed tales filled with horror, magic, distant worlds, and just a smattering of skin.

A Respectable Hell presents the story of two bounty hunters, Annie Oakley and Ellie Hopkins, as they transport two prisoners across the surreal landscape of 1880s Montana.

>>>> a respectable hell: Part 1

Inkslinger is a sci-fi/fantasy story set on a distant world where Ink Priests battle dark gods for the soul of a people. The pages of Inkslinger are crafted, exclusively, with a tattoo machine.

>>>>Inkslinger: Part 1 (http://www.darkpanel.com/comic/inkslinger-start/)

Updates are monthly...and more stories are coming. Thanks for checking out our work.