View Full Version : Graphic Novel - JORUND, 16 pages for free. Online now.

James Mulholland
07-29-2014, 07:07 AM
Hello everyone,

Here is a link to the first 16 pages of my debut graphic novel "JORUND", FOR FREE.

Feel free to read them and if you want to see more then follow one of my pages below so you can keep up to date on when the book is coming out (early 2015).
- https://www.facebook.com/JamesMulhollandPage
- https://twitter.com/James_Mul1990

Also, I'm open to people PM me with their thoughts, and if they're enjoying and want to see more. Also, I am thinking of re-titling the story so it can be more marketable, so if people have any ideas then I'm open to hearing them.

Be aware, this is a rough draft, I'll be doing a lettering pass before the book ends to polish the dialogue etc… but it sets up the story and characters none the less.
If you enjoy this story, then please share the pages, if you have websites or blogs, feel free to share. I'm open to interviews etc to try and get the word out.

PAGES 17-40 are currently in production.

Written by James Mulholland
Art by - Julio Falkhagen
Colors by Armand Jasmin
Lettering by J CHILL