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08-25-2014, 01:00 PM
Apparently, I did not have enough things consuming my time (which was already in very short supply), so I started a new blog site.

I call it Squatch Kick!

It emanates from all of the time that I have spent browsing and commenting on Kickstarter projects, lately. I like Kickstarter as a medium, and the activity and creativity that it engenders.

A lot of the feedback that I offer up about Kickstarter projects tends to be of the critical variety, which anyone who has read my postings in this forum for any length of time would already be familiar with. This new blog site, however, is geared only toward Kickstarter projects and Kickstarter-related items (such as tips). While I won't focus solely upon comic Kickstarter projects, I suspect that the majority of my focus will be upon them, where this new blog site is concerned.

I created it as a way to try and help Kickstarter creators. The intention is to basically focus upon the positive, to help create some positive energy for individual projects, and Kickstarter creators are always looking for someone to talk about their project. I try to give them some content about their project that they can share with the public at large. Many project creators seem to run out of stuff to say about their own projects way too soon, so I wanted to try and find a way to help them fill at least a portion of that void.

I don't limit the projects that I write about to just projects that I, myself, choose to back with an actual pledge. I can't afford to back everything, so I wanted to come up with a way to benefit Kickstarter project creators that didn't cost anyone anything, either them or myself.

Whether this approach has merit or not, I guess that time will tell. I figure nothing ventured, nothing gained. Plus, it would always be a simple enough matter to just cease going forward with this undertaking.

At the moment, there's precious little in the way of actual content on the site, simply because I created it only just yesterday.

If you take a notion to check it out, just click here (http://squatchkick.blogspot.com/).

It will probably take me a little while to get the place looking a little more spiffy. The place could sure use some Sasquatch art to liven it up. I also think that I want to increase the size of the font in use, simply to make things easier to read. That means that I have to edit the template, though, and that always tends to be a time-consuming exercise for me.

08-25-2014, 01:17 PM
If you want to review my Kickstarter too I would appreciate it! :) Just click this link (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/753985167/super-issue-2).

08-25-2014, 02:48 PM
If you want to review my Kickstarter too I would appreciate it! :) Just click this link (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/753985167/super-issue-2).

Actually, I quickly browsed your Kickstarter project page, earlier this morning, before I posted this Squatch Kick thread, here.

I went back to it, just now, and watched the project video and looked the page over with a more in-depth look.

To Squatch Kick a given project, the project page really has to speak to me in some way, without any shortcomings not adding up to me wanting to criticize something more than praising the project. There's stuff on your project page that just grab my eye, and make me want to either ask you why you did it that way, or to criticize the elements in question. It needs revision, before I would give it a Squatch Kick. If all that you want is a review, I can do that for you - but, it will have some pronounced criticism, in certain instances. That said, your project page has a lot of visual pluses to it. There's certainly stuff that warrants praise, both in the context of comic books, and in the context of crowd funding mechanisms.