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Chazbone Comics
09-28-2014, 04:24 PM

I just wanted to stop by and introduce my first comic project I've recently started with an artist.

I wanted to start out with a 5/6 page story that sets up my main story arc, titled "The Guardian Protocol".

It's a story set a few hundred years in the future and America has been destroyed/disbanded from the inside out. It's a sci-fi, some what post apocalyptic setting complete with robots, ancient aliens, rebels, terrorists, cartels, an evil corporation. All the things that makes America great!

The Guardian Protocol will follow a hired thug as he journeys through the different territories of new-America, being manipulated by benevolent and evil forces.

Anyways, the artwork I have here is for the prequel/back story that will, over time, explain how the world/America came to be the way it is in "The Guardian Protocol."

I am really excited about this project and I am learning a lot for future projects/stories as well. I appreciate any ideas, criticism, feedback that anyone may have. Thank you for your time and if you are interested in staying updated with the story, please follow us on Facebook!

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