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Steve Colle
11-06-2018, 02:57 AM
I have created a closed Facebook group called COMIC BOOK EDITORS ALLIANCE (https://www.facebook.com/groups/173822443565186/) with the objectives of professional development, enhancement, and networking as editors and publishers within the comic industry. The following is from the group's About section:

"Editing comics involves specialized skills covering both the creative and business aspects of this industry, through the melding of word and picture, while working with teams of creators with their own distinctive talents. As such, comic editors stand outside of the traditional world of editing.

While other editor groups and organizations lack the acknowledgment or understanding of our specific field, you will find the Comic Book Editors Alliance to be a group where networking, education, and resources are considered the foundation for growth and success in this role.

The CBEA is for professional development and enhancement. This group recognizes the roles of comic editors in all of their capacities. We encourage opportunities to share and to learn about the global duties associated with comic book editing."

As a professional editor and instructor in this industry (among my many other hats), I have sought for years to find groups and organizations that provide - in whole or in part - a place for comic editors to connect, to learn, and to share their knowledge and experience. I haven't found any, thus the creation of the CBEA.

The group is open to all comic book editors - professional, novice, or aspiring in all capacities from submissions to EICs and from freelance to in-house roles. It's also open to all comic publishers, whether seeking editors or performing the duties themselves.

If you're interested in comic editing - or are professionals who can share your years of experience and guidance - come join the CBEA.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have. I look forward to welcoming you.

Steve Colle
07-27-2019, 06:29 PM
The Comic Book Editors Alliance is now open to creators who wish to learn more about comic editing, how to self-edit, and for those who wish to hire an editor - of which we have a number of freelancers in our membership.

You can request to join this closed group of Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/173822443565186/.

Looking forward to having you aboard.