View Full Version : Offering Pro Bono Art Coaching

04-17-2019, 07:16 PM

We all know making comics is tough. A lot of hard work goes into these things and misteps can be painful to correct. I want to help people do their best artwork.

If you have ever wanted some one-on-one, real-time feedback on your (comic) art, I'd like to offer you several hours of my time, pro bono.

You can find examples of my work here:

It is a beta test of a lesson plan for aspiring comic illustrators to make clearer, more consistent art.

All I ask is for feedback to make sure I am delivering a positive experience.

I can work with pretty much any style, though I only have time to take on a few of these projects at the moment.

Feel free to PM me, I can fill you in on the details and we can figure out if we're well fitted.