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07-25-2019, 08:30 AM
Hello Digital Webbing!

I am looking for suggestions on how to promote my comic.

I wanted to know what ideas I can use to promote my webcomic. I am on Webtoons and I "think" my comic is cool. :slap: www.bit.ly/get-dizzy (http://www.bit.ly/get-dizzy) but nobody likes me. :(

I see people doing stuff like have contest but don't know if that would apply here. I also don't want to be that guy that like "PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY COMIC" every 5 minutes to people either.

I have been using my Patreon to start getting things going too but not too many humans are looking at it either. My Patreon page is Patreon,com/Profesone (http://www.patreon.com/profesone) Take a look and feel free to tell me what's good and or bad about it.

Your help/suggestions is appreciated. Thank you.


paul brian deberry
07-26-2019, 01:53 PM
Daily content and being that guy that ask for subscribers every five seconds.

Mostly daily content. No breaks. No days off. If you have the content they will come. It won't be overnight. You will see the difference.

Rene A.
07-26-2019, 05:42 PM
For actionable items for promoting your work, here's what I have done:

1. I work digitally in Procreate, which has the ability to record my brushstrokes as I work. I export the Procreate videos and edit them into videos complete with background music. These could be a time lapse progress video or something that you narrate over. I then post online to multiple social media outlets.

2. I've taken final, lettered comic book pages and have also turned them into videos. In these videos, I also add some soundtrack music and "pan" around the page, taking the reader through the story, as if I they were reading the comic book page. I then post online to multiple social media outlets.

3. Sell merch. I have two websites based on the same property. One is more of the hardcore, comic book/fantasy art genre. I keep it to just the art, story and limited edition prints. The other website is my official online store. I take the same characters that originate from the first website and print them up on things like drawstring bags, beach towels, phone cases, etc. All of this is print on demand; I use Printful. I then promote each website as two separate entities. I'm in the process of making product reviews of these items. I then post online to multiple social media outlets for each site. And each website has it's own blog. The key to this is taking a singular piece of content and re-purposing it acrosss multiple social media outlets. Whether it the latest page of your comic, a sketch in progress of some kind of video...get it out there.

A common thread to all this is the use of video. Video is going to capture attention. If you can get in that video, even better. That's because people can immediately see you and know if they want to connect with you. If you're camera-shy, I get that. Try posting video of yourself working if you draw traditionally. Talk about your process...show it. The bottom line is that people want to get to know YOU. Believe me, it's something I'm working on for myself as well.

To give you an idea of what I've been doing lately, here is a shot of my monthly checklist. I do one for each character creation, which right now is one character a month.