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Ingrid K. V. Hardy
08-21-2019, 07:53 AM
In the past year and a half, I've done a couple of videos of painting (badly produced, had no idea what I was doing). People really like that though, even if it's produced like a noobie, and have actually asked if there might be more.

It takes me a day to edit, and another day to upload it. Is there any way to do this directly online, or a speedier way to do it? Available time is always short - for everyone - and spending two days to get a 5 minute video uploaded.... Well I must be doing something wrong. :laugh:

Any advice? :happy:

08-21-2019, 08:17 AM
So, my degree is in broadcast production with a focus on video editing. Itís hard to say where you could gain speed without seeing the videos or knowing what tools you are using.

That said, it isnít uncommon for it to take this long or longer to comb through and pare down forage to a watchable length. A couple of ideas that may help:
1. Watch the footage you have and make notes of the time stamps, and make a brief note about the content, of the stuff you definitely want to include.
2. With that footage in mind scribble out a brief script or outline of how you want to tell the story with those clips. If you are narrating, go ahead and write out a first draft of what you want to say.
3. If you have background music, lay that down first. This will make it easier to edit the footage to fit the music.
4. Decide what transitions you want to use and use them consistently (donít use a different transition between each clip).

Not sure if the above will help, but they are some high level thoughts. Most important is to develop a workflow that works for you and use it. Refine it over time and you will become more and more efficient through that repetition.

Ingrid K. V. Hardy
08-21-2019, 09:07 AM
Thank you for the advice, Bishop! My fingers were crossed that there was some kind of easy way to do simple videos. I'll just have to bite it and do it. :)

08-21-2019, 11:39 AM
I don't have experience doing that.. Just speculating, I wonder if you were more selective up front about each shot... I.e. don't just leave the camera running and pare diwn later... If that might make it more manageable. Sort of like "in camera editing". Know basically what you will shoot ahead of time, and stick to that so the final editing is just a little bit of clean up. Maybe?

Ingrid K. V. Hardy
08-21-2019, 12:30 PM
That could be another way of doing it I suppose... Or simply taking photos every 5 minutes. An action in Photoshop could be set up to correctly size all the images at once. Maybe?

08-22-2019, 12:42 PM
I think many people like video. I personally like text/ pics usually, but most people are nuts about video.

Rene A.
08-22-2019, 08:39 PM
When editing video, I've learned it depends on what the spec's are on your computer. I started editing video just this year (both for freelance purposes and for my own art) and I use Adobe After Effects. I have an iMac, 27-inch, 4Ghz Intel Core i7 with 32 GB memory. It's taken me anywhere from 2-16 hours to make a 15-second video ad. You can get faster at editing, but if your tools are slow, you'll definitely feel the lag.

As for how to do it faster, have you researched any of the Adobe CC apps? I believe Adobe Rush and Adobe Spark are ways to create and share videos.

Ingrid K. V. Hardy
08-23-2019, 08:37 AM
So I'm right in the range then. Will just keep learning! You have much better specs than I, but my laptop has to keep up for a while: core i7, 2.6 ghz, 15 g memory.

I do have the adobe suite, got it for the price of one app for a year, so in spare time I'm trying to learn at least some of the apps. Photoshop gets used all the time. Cyberlink was the video app I'd tried before, will give Rush a try.

Thank you for the feedback! :happy: