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05-28-2020, 06:25 PM
Time to go!
Well, the last minutes before the end.

Guys keep on making comics. Your own comics! Today is easier than 20, 40 or sixty years ago.
Online stuff for research and self-publishing! Blogs. Tablets and software allows doing everything.
Also, traditional tools, paper, pencil, pen, eraser and rulers are cheap and still hanging there!
Is not about money but investing our time on working our ideas.
Taking a few hours in the day for work out in our project.

Just start by creating YOUR own main CHARACTER. Give him/her a name, a personal story and physical image.
When this first stuff is done, start by working out stories for your character.
If your writing or drawing skills are in need of help, hire somebody for help.
Or, take more time improving your craft. As we know, some people already did it.
These are the guys who created all these great characters for comics and animation that we love.

With these small thoughts I say farewell to all of you.
I had great time on these forums.
Thank you.


05-29-2020, 09:51 AM
Happy trails Scribbly! Be safe and see you around Deviantart!