View Full Version : From Script to Sequential - one artist's step-by-step process

06-08-2006, 01:14 PM
My artist friend Andy Bennett made a series of posts titled "From Script to Sequential" on our group blog. Within this series, he demonstrated his process for going from a page of comic book script to the finished page of sequential art. You can view the whole series here. (http://www.ferretpress.com/weblog/2006/04/from-script-to-sequential-collected.htm) I can see this being of interest to the artists (as well as the writers) here.

http://www.ferretpress.com/weblog/andy_design.jpg http://www.ferretpress.com/weblog/andy_roughs.jpg http://www.ferretpress.com/weblog/andy_pencils.jpg

By the way, Andy's one of those artists who prefers to work from a plot-style script, instead of a full script. So I provided him loose page breakdowns of the plot and action, and he did all the work of determining how many panels to break it all down to, who to feature, etc. As a writer, it's quite a treat and a different challenge for me to work this way. But it's all good.