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08-02-2006, 07:54 PM
Based on my own sense of certain biological science markets and conversations that I had with DJ Coffman, I pitched my online comic, Lab Bratz (http://labbratz.comicgenesis.com) , to various biotechnology companies. At first, I was looking for advertisers. Noone was interested, even when I had much more web traffic than they did.

The interest I generated was in licensing Lab Bratz for company websites and newsletters. My first blitz ended with 1 company ordering a couple of custom strips featuring their products, which they now use for in-house sales instruction, followed by a science supply company using strips from our archives in their newsletter, and we now have a regular gig in Lab Manager Magazine (http://www.labmgr.com) . All are paid uses of the strip and characters that Max Velati and I put out every week.

I'm now gearing up to contact more companies, backed by an archive of 70+ weekly strips and the new exposure (Lab Manager Magazine has 30,000 subscribers between their online and print versions, which can be ordered free at their website).

When I someday go to print with a collection, I'll definitely try to solicit ads from this market.

Has anyone else tried this niche marketing outside of the traditional comics/gaming/webcomics/fellow creator markets, and if so, what other tactics have you used?