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j giar
08-05-2006, 01:07 PM
For us old timers. I want to link my blog and the site I write an article for in my signature. Instead of linking by putting the actual link, I've noticed some folks have put words like My Blog and thier book title name highlighted. When you click it takes you to the link. I've tried using the same code I do for my blog......but it don't work. CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!! Anyone's helps is appreciated.

08-05-2006, 01:17 PM
Just code it like you would a link in the body of a post:

[ URL=http://www.yoursite.com ]Your site's name[ /URL ]

(No spaces between the brackets and the letters, though.)

j giar
08-05-2006, 01:51 PM
Thanks Kevin. I'm trying it now.