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08-07-2006, 07:58 PM
Hi all,

I'm hoping this question is okay for this thread because it's a question as opposed to a coloring showcase.

I'm trying to go for an old, burnt photograph sort of look for a back cover I'm working on. I'm thinking the sepia kinda color should be easy enough but I'm not sure how to get a burnt paper effect for parts of the page. Does anyone have any ideas? Is there a Photoshop brush that might dulicate the effect of burnt paper?

The back cover will be in color and not greyscale if that matters at all.


DM Jim

08-07-2006, 08:20 PM
I do believe Phototshop already has that effect built in. It's under filters somewhere.

Lynn Lefey
08-07-2006, 08:40 PM
There's no burnt filter in photoshop CS, at least. Try this...

08-08-2006, 07:28 AM
Thanks, Lynn!

DM Jim :cool: