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SageGod 01-29-2021 01:43 AM

The Art of John Scavella
Greetings fellow artists and creators. I created this updated thread with my artwork because of several broken links in my previous one. :man:
Although there may be work here that you have seen before feel free comment or critique any work displayed here. Be well! :thumbs:

SageGod 01-29-2021 01:46 AM

SageGod 01-29-2021 01:50 AM

SageGod 01-29-2021 01:52 AM

SageGod 01-29-2021 01:54 AM

SageGod 01-29-2021 01:56 AM

Kajinink79 02-14-2021 04:05 AM

I’d say you went to art school. A lot of good mojo jumping off the pages.

artsnake 02-14-2021 01:21 PM

great drama here. I can feel the impact of these characters. nicely done.

SageGod 02-21-2021 08:45 PM

Thanks for the uplifting comments !
I aspire to inspire and grow...

SageGod 02-21-2021 08:46 PM

Amalgam fun

SageGod 09-05-2021 01:44 AM

Nostalgia; Some old skool Jedi samples
Found these files on an old back up and though Id share them with the forum. I did both pencils and renders for a submission to Dark Horse in 2010 / 2011... Somewhere around there... Comments and crits are welcome!

SageGod 09-05-2021 01:48 AM

Whoa! Check this one out... from 2000
Artwork from me in 2000, pencils , design, render in photoshop with a ball mouse! :w00t:

SageGod 10-07-2021 05:24 AM

An olskool artwork from 2010 that I enjoyed creating very much.

SageGod 10-07-2021 06:03 AM


Saul Haber 10-15-2021 03:43 PM

Nice Kang! And I like the Power Rangers one, as well.

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