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Chas! 07-14-2014 01:50 AM

Artist/Inker Needed for 4 Page Sci-Fi Short
Hey interwebs! Iím looking for a penciler/inker for a short 4-pager.

What the storyís about: Itís a sci-fi vignette that harkens back to old EC Comics. Yes, cheese and all. Thereís a pretty gory finish though.
Your role: 4 penciled and inked pages.
My role: Writer/letterer.
Deadline: Fairly loose. Ideally, Iíd like at least a page a week. Whatís most important to me is that youíre happy with the work youíre putting out and that thereís actual progress.
Payment: $200 divided into two payments.
- Payment #1 after the first two pages are completed. Payment #2 after the rest.
- Both payments with be through Paypal within 48 hours of each stepís completion.

Other notes:
- The shortís going to be colored. While I havenít searched for a colorist yet, Iíd love to find someone who can pull off a old-school coloring look. Iím talking off-center coloring, slightly-yellowed pages, etc. If youíre able to do this (and have examples), Iíd be more than willing to bump the pay up.
- Yes, Iím hiring you as a freelance contractor. That being said, I want a collaborator! The ďprocessĒ is one of the best parts about this medium; open discussion to enhance the storyóbe it through words or picturesóis absolutely essential. Letís make something great. No egos here. Just the best product we can both possibly deliver =)

About myself: I recently received my Creative Writing Masters MFA with a focus on comic writing from Full Sail University. I won a bunch of awards (Valedictorian! The ďAdvanced AchievementĒ award! Woot!) and have been working on various comic projects ever since.

A short I recently wrote/lettered got picked up by Alterna (and can be read for free at Challenger Comics), Iím the editor for an upcoming graphic novel that was funded through Kickstater, Iíve got a pitch project nearing completion, annnd a tie-in comic I wrote for a feature film is currently being penciled/inked. Iíve also done a bunch of random lettering gigs over the past few monthsóROM Remix, Bartkira, and all sorts of other goodies.

Contact Information:

If interested, please contact me at
- Please include a link to your website/portfolio. No attachments!
- Please make sure "sci-fi short" is listed somewhere in your subject line. This is to ensure all e-mails get routed to the appropriate folder on my end.

Personal Site

I'm looking to have someone hired by the end of the week. If things change, I'll be sure to post on this thread!

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