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fsbot 01-17-2023 08:11 PM - visit website and win smartphone!

SeanE 01-19-2023 08:43 AM

Poison Ivy

Pencils and inks by Art Thibert, colours by me

SeanE 02-04-2023 09:52 AM


pencils by Andrey Lunatik, inks by Quelperarts on D/art and on FB, colours by me

SeanE 02-15-2023 09:26 AM

pencils by Tony Tzanoukakis, inks by Pendecon over on D/art, fan colours by me.

If there's one thing I would dearly love inkers to do, and this is easy for digital inkers, and that is to put the 'smoke' outlines on a separate layer rather than have them all embedded in with the rest (same goes for rain btw...)

For the smoke I can paint it in more effectively myself and just want the outline as a guide for where it goes. Then I usually want to erase the lines out completely, but I can't if it's all on the same inks layer.

(For rain I'm just going to colour hold it so a separate layer makes that easy. Quelper did that for me on the recent Widowmaker pic)

SeanE 02-23-2023 07:06 AM


pencils by Izoneto Sousa, inks by Jeremy Lassner, colours by me

SeanE 03-05-2023 09:11 AM

Savage Rogue

Savage Rogue
pencils by Caesar Gaspar, inks by BD Stevens, colours by me.

I'm not entirely sure that the tinkling brook in the bottom right is really meant to be there, but it looks good for it at any rate.

SeanE 03-16-2023 09:49 AM


pencils by Brett Booth, inks by Corey King, colours by me

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