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drewford 06-13-2021 01:04 PM

IT'S ALIVE! is now accepting submissions
IT'S ALIVE! is now accepting comic book submissions! PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR WORK! IT'S ALIVE! is currently looking for ORIGINAL creator-owned work. IT'S ALIVE! accepts only submissions for new comic book series that already have a creative team attached. WE DON'T PAY PAGE RATES. IT'S ALIVE! splits royalties from the comics we publish with creators. Only finished comics will be accepted for review. Meaning...if you are pitching a new series, or mini-series, the first issue MUST BE COMPLETED. Please submit the completed first issue as a PDF. If we are interested in publishing your book, we ask that you be open to editorial suggestions we might have regarding how the work is presented (ex. how the book is designed and/or what the titles and logos look like). We would never touch the story and art. Only submissions we are interested in publishing will receive a response. If you do not receive a response within a few months, your submission has been rejected. IMPORTANT: While we are OK with Mature Themes, we are NOT INTERESTED in Adult (pornographic) material. Some of the original, creator-owned comics we currently publish include Airboy, Breathers, Dose!, Holler, Strange Attractors, and Tangled River. We look forward to seeing your incredible stories and art! Send PDF submissions to:

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