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Doug Wood 02-26-2020 12:03 PM

Looking For Artist PAYING
Looking for artist on a Neo Noir Revenge One-Shot.

I recently had a one-shot approved by a publisher. Unfortunately, the artist Robert Carey has a full schedule. With the editor and Mr. Carey’s blessing I am seeking a replacement artist. I need an artist that does some action, great character acting, sci fi elements, and the right mood for noir. Applying artists need to both pencil and ink. Color is a plus.

In the future, in order to eliminate the overcrowding prison population, the US government has created a machine that ages a convict to their sentencing within an hour. A young dishonorably discharged man is framed for a crime he did not commit and sentenced to age 30 years. Now as an old man, he seeks to find revenge on the person who stole his life.

The replacement artist subject to approval of the publisher’s review board. Only looking at portfolios with sequential art. I am only accepting portfolios to my email account. Please include rates in the email. Thank you.

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