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Bryan Randall 12-13-2021 04:10 PM

Looking for financial backer/collaborator for long series
I have a Christ based story that I want to get out to the rest of the world, I'm looking for someone just as interested as I am in telling an alternative history that remains true to both contemporary and biblical history, while bringing people closer to belief in Jesus Christ. Also someone willing to pay a page rate in exchange for certain rights handed over plus all royalties and profits from the book after publication.

Rights retained and Transferred:

As the original creator and artist I would prefer to retain all literary and artistic creative rights, and artistic ownership (not ownership of the final product but retain ownership of the artwork done for the final product, for purposes of selling individual prints). Also included would be an agreed upon page rate of $90.00 per completed page paid within a month of receiving finished pages. The finished pages would be for the final product, which would be the Fallenworld graphic novels.

As the second writer, offering your own services as script writer/editor, a page rate at your expense for production of artwork/lettering, and working with limited creativity, all publication rights for the final product would be transferred to you, with these rights all royalties and profit made from publication would go to you, with the option of handing over a percentage of these rights back to me or retaining them.

You can contact me at
Thanks and hope to hear from somebody,


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