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Tyler_James 07-28-2014 08:37 AM

Kickstarter Fulfillment With Amazon: Saving Hundreds of Hours, Thousands of Dollars,
It's several months after you've completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for a graphic novel project. The highs and lows of that crazy month-long fundraising drive have mostly faded from memory. That bank account, once flush with more project funds than you could have hoped for, has come back to reality, having been used to pay for all your printing and merchandise. Your books are printed, and now the real work's time to fulfill all those promises that were so easy to make during that campaign.

Okay, you with me? Great. Now, I'm going to paint you two very different pictures...

[Read the full article on ComixTribe, then discuss it below.]

Charles 07-28-2014 05:16 PM

Superb article!

Tyler_James 07-28-2014 05:23 PM

Thanks, Charles.

My watermark for writing articles these days is usually "Man, I wish someone told ME this stuff earlier." : )

Charles 07-28-2014 07:14 PM

I've read several of your articles, over the last few weeks. There's some good stuff in them.

This one caught my eye, because it deals with KickStarter. I've never launched a KickStarter project, before, but I have been doing a bit of informal research, of late, as I follow a handful of KickStarter projects. It's interesting the sheer volume of advice that is out there that is free for the taking, yet continues to be routinely ignored by people launching KickStarter projects.

Alyssa 07-28-2014 08:57 PM

This should be required reading.

crognus 07-29-2014 12:20 PM

Thank God I read this before I started my KS!

egypturnash 04-29-2017 06:01 PM

So let me tell you what happened when I decided to listen to this glowing recommendation of Amazon Fulfillment.

It may have been different a few years ago, but now in 2017, Amazon feels that the proper way to ship a book is "just stuff it in a bubble wrap mailer and hope the post office doesn't bang it up too much". Which it, of course, does in enough cases to be A Problem. Luckily I'd opted for the printer to at least shrink-wrap them, which is probably helping some.

When one goes to support, Support cuts and pastes lengthy paragraphs about how it is now the responsibility of the seller to be sure their things are packaged such that they can survive this kind of rough treatment.

Supposedly one can pay extra to Amazon for them to "prep" one's books, which, in my testing so far, seems to be paying extra for them to look at my book, shrug, and say "well I'll just throw this big art book in a bubble wrap mailer".

So, well, be warned. Consider other options if you can get them.

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