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catiaffsoares 11-15-2014 02:07 PM

New here: Harley Quinn Fan Art
Hi, everybody :)
So, I'm new here. I decided to be part of because I'm really interested to be a future illustrator, especially for comics. I have a degree in Visual Arts and I'm now working everyday to improve my art. I'll leave here my last work, a fan art from Harley Quinn. I would like some critics so I can improve.
Thank you so much, in advance ! :D
EDIT: I used this picture from chamber stock from dA as reference:

Morganza 11-15-2014 05:40 PM

She looks great, welcome to DW!

Mike225 11-15-2014 05:55 PM

I dig it

DaveFerry 11-15-2014 06:28 PM

I like it. I could be way off here, but if I'm not mistaken that looks like Sweet Deandra Reynolds from Always Sunny. Did you perhaps use her as a reference? If so, it's a nice choice.

nams 11-16-2014 01:21 PM

Bem vinda Cátia!

Óptimo Trabalho! Parabéns!
Espero ver mais trabalhos teus por aqui nos Fóruns do DW!

Welcome Cátia
Great Work! Congratulations!
I hope I get to see more of your drawings here in the DW Forums!

Alyssa 11-17-2014 12:28 AM

Heya! Welcome to DW. :har:

You posted the stock photo you used on DA, please make sure you share it here, too!
If you use a reference and you don't tell folk, they might feel cheated. So, it's always best to share your sources. :cool:

It's a great expression to use for Harley- she's oozing attitude. :har: If you want to get into comic book illustration though, you might benefit more from your painting exercises if you eyeball/copy your reference, rather than tracing. At the very least, use the grid technique, if you don't want to just eyeball it. This way, you're working on your eye-to-hand accuracy, while also producing art!

One last point that might help "level up" your colouring is to make sure you don't use neutral grey in your artwork, and add colour to your highlights and shadows. It helps make your art look less flat. ;)

I hope that helps! Again, welcome to DW. :har:

catiaffsoares 11-17-2014 09:06 AM

Thank you everyone for the nice critics!
@DaveFerry , @Alyssa is totally right, and I am so sorry I didn't posted that before but already took care of it in the first post!
And @Alyssa, thank you so much, you're obviously right. Reading that link right now :)

Thank you all :laugh:

DaveFerry 11-18-2014 12:00 AM

Well, that's clearly not Kaitlin Olson, but it's still a good use of the reference nonetheless.

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