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Jon Clark 09-20-2019 12:33 PM

Published Horror Writer seeks Artist for Pitch (now paid)
Good news: Iíve raised some funds and can pay (a little) now, so Iím posting this in the PAID Jobs forum.

I have a pitch and Iím looking for an artist (pencils/inks/colors) to help create six pages of art.

About me: I am an artist as well as a writer. You can see some artwork that Iíve done for a comic thatís coming out this fall from American Gothic Press (they are the comic book wing of Famous Monsters Of Filmland) called HAG here: The top of the page has the first cover but make sure you continue to scroll down to check out some of the pages. Iíve also written and illustrated a comic called THIN that was nominated for a Ghastly award. Hereís a link to where you can find that (with some art) as well:

Hereís a bit about the project. Itís called BLACK FRIDAY. It takes place after the mad dash craziness that is Black Friday in a large superstore a la Walmart. All that negative energy had to go somewhere, and an unlucky clean-up crew is about to find out where. It's a straight up horror story that is visceral and a little bit insane, but just what the world needs to see right now.

The artist Iím looking for is someone who can handle the human details and emotion as well as crazy visceral action and some pretty vile demons.

-$70 per page is the budget (for pencils and inks).
-Completed work is 6 pages 300 dpi TIFF files.
-Payments by Paypal within 24 hours of receiving final art.
-Please send only links: to websites, or to portfolios, with a strong emphasis on sequential pages to: jonclarkartwork at gmail dot com.

Looking forward to seeing some great stuff!

Jon Clark

Jon Clark 10-04-2019 02:48 PM

This position has been filled. Thank you to everyone that applied. Keep up the great work!

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