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j_tay 09-21-2014 12:28 PM

Penciller and character/set designer needed for Cpt Planet parody
I am seeking a penciller and character/set designer for my title: Captain Gaia. This is a single-issue comic which parodies old cartoon elements, such a Cpt Planet and Dragon Ball.

S/he will replace the current person, and work with an inker/colorist and myself (writer/manager). We plan to produce 10 final pages for proposal submissions to major publishers and a funding agency.

If you like this project and think you can bring it up a notch, write me: johny [a] The fee is 1/3 of future profit on print and ebooks of this project.

For interested parties I have links to news coverage, detailed character profiles, alpha art, and rough layouts of the pages.

Here's a synopsis of the story:

Many years have passed since Team Gaia spread their message for saving the environment. After turning edgy and disenchanted, the ‘five special teenagers’ drifted off to pursue their own goals. But now, they are reunited once more to solve an international crisis.

Members of the radical environmental group Code Blue have been captured by the Russian navy, led by Putin himself. Code Blue entered Russian seas only to hold a peaceful protest against Arctic oil drilling, but Putin intends to teach them a lesson…

The Russian fleet soon discovers and attacks Team Gaia. Their only hope is to combine their powers and summon Captain Gaia. However, his personality is a combination of theirs. How will he turn out after all these years?

'Issue #0: Reunion' references a real event spanning 2013-4, when the Russian military arrested Greenpeace protestors against Arctic oil drilling.

Here's an alpha poster:

Once again my contact is: johny [a]

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