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Ace B 05-01-2022 04:46 PM

Cartoonie Venomlike Bust

Had some fun with this venomlike bust in a cartoonie vibe. LMK what you think, THX!

Ace B 05-03-2022 06:12 PM

If you are viewing this thread, can you see the image? Please let me know so I can correct and ensure my images are being viewed, TY!

pandayboss 05-04-2022 06:25 AM

No image.

Ace B 05-04-2022 09:29 AM

Please let me know if the image can be viewed now, TY!

JAM 05-18-2022 12:12 PM

Ace, Great drawing bigtime... thought I'd give it some color...I hope I did it justice...


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