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Cadre 01-31-2005 11:06 PM

Little Somethings from the Cadre Corner
I am Jesse "Cadre" Hansen, a professional inker currently working with six different publishers. I am the founder of the Cadre Corner, an art studio which focuses on taking talented individuals and helping them get their feet wet. I am using the foot that I have wedged into the professional realm and hoping that the others will use this opportunity to their advantage and simply break that door down.

Let's see... a bit about myself... hmmm... I am a 30 year old malelegally if not spiritually divorced, and am planning on someday soon making a splash in the comic book field along with my comrades.

I am currently working or have worked on the following projects:

Cracked Magazine: #365 5 page story pencils, inks and grayscales... "Bubba gets Cracked"
Brass Ball Comics: Bubba the Redneck Werewolf #5-7 (Art director and inker for #7... on sale first at MegaCon 2005)
Workhorse Comics: Hellion #1
Workhorse Comics: B.U.G. #1
Fuzzy Dice Studios/Vicious Circle Project: Forsaken Earth #4 and 5 plus redo issues of #s 1-3
GraphicIllustions Studios: The Rift #5 (2 pages and concept inks)
Singularity Studios: Gladiators (Online Comic) #1
Redoubt Studios: The West Side #1

Anything else ya like to know, feel free to ask.

Now, how about you?

The Cadre Corner

See mine and others artwork:

Here are a few samples of my inking thus far...
pencils: Tim Vigil inks: Jesse "Cadre" Hansen colors: Paulo Rivas
pencils: Chris "Cannonball" Lesley inks: Jesse "Cadre" Hansen
from the pages of upcoming issue of Bubba the Redneck Werewolf #7 coming out next month just in time for MegaCon in Orlando, FL... which we will be attending to promote the release as well.
another page from before mention issue of Bubba...

Here are just a few things to get started.

Giddy1 01-31-2005 11:18 PM

Hey Jesse, Billy from the Inkers group (Splotched_inc). Quick Q. You still workin' on these, or are they already off to the printer???

Rotin 01-31-2005 11:37 PM

Hi Jesse,

I suppose I`m in the (hopefully) talented people wanting to get involved catagorie.. :whistling

Digital inker, 28, Australian, Keen to involve myself in fun projects, that about sums it up I suppose..

I`m going to have a bit of a looksee through your links, I`ll be back..

At the very least could I hit you up for some other places that Inker tend to congregate....

Ok...Back now, Registered at cadre corner, and will be submitting to the "potential Inkers" section very soon..

Cadre 02-01-2005 08:02 AM

The Bubba pages are at the printers as we speak and the issue will be ready on the shelves in time for MegaCon which we will be attending. This will also be the very first color issue and the book is hilarious. Be sure to get a copy and let me know what ya'll think. I love signing books too by the way... lol... ;)


Originally Posted by Giddy1
Hey Jesse, Billy from the Inkers group (Splotched_inc). Quick Q. You still workin' on these, or are they already off to the printer???

Cadre 02-01-2005 08:04 AM

Yep, noticed you logged and registered, you should receive a PM from me thanking you for that... ;)

Looking forward to seeing what you have in store over there.


Originally Posted by Rotin
Hi Jesse,

I suppose I`m in the (hopefully) talented people wanting to get involved catagorie.. :whistling

Digital inker, 28, Australian, Keen to involve myself in fun projects, that about sums it up I suppose..

I`m going to have a bit of a looksee through your links, I`ll be back..

At the very least could I hit you up for some other places that Inker tend to congregate....

Ok...Back now, Registered at cadre corner, and will be submitting to the "potential Inkers" section very soon..

TASKER 02-01-2005 12:41 PM

ahha i haev the old bubba #1 too funny-
tim vigils THE MAN -

kool stuff- :whistling

Cadre 02-01-2005 06:53 PM

Yes, it was... we still have the humor and now we are bringing it to a whole new level with an offbeat mainstream look. I think you'll all like it. Let me know for sure... and yes, Tim Vigil is the MAN!!!

I've had the pleasure to converse with Tim on a number of occasions and am excited about the opportunity to have something published with me and him working together... stay tuned and you'll see what I mean. :D



Originally Posted by TASKER
ahha i haev the old bubba #1 too funny-
tim vigils THE MAN -

kool stuff- :whistling

Cadre 09-22-2005 07:07 PM

The Cadre Corner is working in association with Ronin Studios in the attempt to help those in need from the Hurricane Katrina...
... and obviously now, Rita.

Cadre 09-22-2005 07:08 PM

The Facts - Things Contributors Need to Know
This is going to be our little FAQ. If there are things left unexplained, please ask in this thread and I'll answer them.

All emails should be addressed to: - subject should contain [Hope] as a prefix

Let's start with what hurts the most.

Money: This is a self-published anthology. We've got to foot the bill on printing costs.

* Page rate: $15 USD - payable by Writers of a story and Pinup artists (please read on in this thread before you close this page and run for the hills)

* Sequential artists and the cover artist don't have to pay.

* Comp copies: Each contributor gets ONE comp copy - anything more and we'll shoot ourselves in the foot.

* At Cost copies: Contributors will have the option of ordering additional copies for their personal use at printing cost when we make the order.

* Money will be payable before we send the book to the printer in (hopefully) November/December. Use Paypal if possible. I'll make a post at the appropriate time.

Theme of the anthology:

* Stories set in/around or about New Orleans/the Mississippi Delta.

* Story does NOT have to do with the current situation.

* Have the name of the anthology in the back of your head: HOPE

* Story does NOT have to be upbeat or lovey dovey, though. Just don't make people commit suicide after reading yours.

* Likewise, pinups should be New Orleans/Mississippi Delta themed! They don't need to have anything to do with Ronin Studios characters or some such, either. Please email me with your ideas.


* Up to you.

* Drama, history, comedy, horror, superheroes, what-have-you - if the script works, genre is secondary.

Book Name: HOPE: New Orleans.
While a larger area was hit than just New Orleans, it's the focal point of the disaster. New Orleans is our modern day version of Old Egyptian Alexandria. A city with a rich history destroyed by the forces of nature (though NO has a better chance of being rebuilt). A city that was a nexus in the region for centuries since King Henry XV. bought Louisiana from an entrepeneurial Scotsman.
This is book is our tribute to the city AND the region. New Orleans is simply the anchor.

Printer: Well, not a POD printer. Most likely Quebecor. I'm in email contact. If you've got experenience with a few printers, please email me with your thoughts.

Format: Perfectbound trade paperback, comics format. It's gonna be a big one. May have to be split into two volumes. We'll see.

Document Sizes:
Safe Area: 6x9
Trim: 6.625x10.1875
Bleed: 6.875x10.4375

Safe area starts 0.5 inches from the top bleed!


* Interiors: black & white

* Cover: full color

Script: September 16
Pencils: October 14
Inks/Grayscales: November 4
Letters: November 11

Pinup Roughs: September 16 - BEST GETS GO-AHEAD AS COVER! (see below)
Pinup Pencils: September 30
Finished Pinups: October 21 (will probably get extension)
Cover: October 7

NOTE: Please try to beat your deadline with time to spare! This is especially important for the cover right now.

Previews: Trying to assemble a package till mid October so we can get the book into the Previews published in December.

Publication date: Aiming for a February 2006 release! (NY con)

Story length: Up to roughly TEN pages, can be less.

Who owns each comic/pinup: The respective creators do. Ronin Studios is a place for like-minded people to get together and help each other create comics. It's all about creators' rights. Each comic and pinup is the copyright of its creator(s). You simply agree to let Ronin Studios print it in this anthology.



* The sooner you send scripts, the more time we have to work out possible problems.

* Please let me know if you're assembling an art team yourself. If you do, please provide links to artists' portfolios.

* If you want to be matched with an art team, please let me know any styles you'd prefer. If you don't, I'll use my discretion.

ARTISTS (Pencilers and jack of all trades):

* Please link to your portfolios. Sequentials a must.

* Keep me in the loop by emailing layout thumbnails and/or rough sketches before finalizing art!

Finished, print ready pencils format:

* Scan/save at 300dpi, Grayscale - do NOT scan or save as Bitmap!

* Dimensions: 6.875x10.4375 inches

* Clean up your pages! This is your job, not mine or the inker's.

* Save as TIFF with LZW compression and in Grayscale


* Scan/save at 300dpi, Grayscale - do NOT scan or save as Bitmap!

* Dimensions: 6.875x10.4375 inches

* Clean up your pages! Use Levels and Curves or whatever is necessary to make the inks print ready.

* Save as TIFF with LZW compression and in Grayscale


* Make sure you have a reasonable font size. Don't make it too large.

* SAFE AREA: 6x9 inches

* TRIM: 6.625x10.1875

* Send Illustrator files of your letters to me.

* Please give me a list of the font(s) you used if they can't be embedded..


* You CAN use the full bleed, though if you want to have margins, that's all right, too.

* The sooner you can get cracking on this, the sooner we'll get our cover.


* Best pinup pencils gets the go-ahead for cover. I'd definitely like one of our "name" artists to take a stab at this. Names sell, after all.

* The cover's pretty d**n important for our submission to Previews, so it needs to be done AT THE BEGINNING OF OCTOBER.

* Since the decision on which pinup becomes the cover will be made long before pinups go into grayscale phase, pinups DON'T have to be colored before we pick the cover.

* Wrap around cover is a possibility


When in doubt, use to send files to my email address. YouSendIt allows file transfer of up to 1GB to any email address. They'll let you upload your file for a limited time and forward a direct link to their server to the email you specify.


I'm sure there's a lot more that needs to be answered, so please ask.

Cadre 09-22-2005 07:08 PM

HOPE: New Orleans/Gulf Coast - Creator signup
If you want to participate, please reply with your name and what you do (e.g. writer/artist/inker/grayscaler/letterer).

This is a tentative list of participants.

Archibald, Dustin - title TBA - with Victor Cabanelas, in chiaroscuro
Barratt, Christian - LOOTER'S CHANCE (4 pages) - with Chuck Zsolnai - approved, being drawn
Belkewitch, John
Beranek, Adam - GOTH NINJA (6 - 8 pages) - with Chris McCarver - approved
Boon, Mario - (3 pages)
Branco, Thad - UNIQUE FORCE - A GAME OF HOSTS (8 pages) - with First Salvo - approved, being drawn
Brandt, Ryan A. - MARCUS MIDNIGHT (14 pages) - with Bram Cayne & Mike Heinrich - approved
Broadway, Curtis - ELDORADO (adapted E.A. Poe poem) (4 pages - writing and drawing) - approved
Brown, Bruce - WAKE UP CALL (5 pages) - approved
Chamberlain, Kody (5 pages - writing and drawing)

Chastain, Grant - THE SECRET EVERYBODY KNOWS (2 pages) - with Owen Dunne - approved
Chenoweth, Shannon - (3 - 4 pages)
Cipriano, Sal - BIO BOY SPECIAL - with Marco DiLeonardo
Coons, John - BEADS (3 pages)- with Milx - approved, being drawn
Davis, Darren - TENTH MUSE - with LightBombMike
Delsante, Vito - STOP! (1 page) - one man show
Dexember - THE SUICIDE KING - with regular artist
Encarnacion, Jonathan FINDINGS (4 pages) - with James Ruiz
Evans, Richard - title TBA (10 pages)
Fialkov, Joshua
Fowler, Brant W.
Franzoni, Michael - PERMANENCE (6 pages)

Gandalfe (please go here:
Gordon, Samuel - ESCOGIDOS DE VIDA (4 pages) - with Matt Mossman, Greg Harms & Steph St. Laurent)
Gregory, Raven - possibly
Hogan, Erick - HEROES @ LARGE SPECIAL - with H@L team
Holguin, Brian
Joe, Christopher - A REASON TO BELIEVE (7 pages) - with Darrin "Alien Ant" - approved
Hooper, Ben
Hurtt, CJ - SWEET MARIE ([i]4 pages[/]) - with Bong Abad - approved
Kipnis, Jeff - LIGHTNING SQUIRREL: TERROR IN THE RUINS (7 pages) - approved

Lambert, Chad - AMERICAN PATRIOT: AN ENEMY WITHIN (3 pages) - with Ryan Scott - approved, being drawn, looking sweet!
Larimer, Noble - WILDLIFE (9 pages) - with Federico Zumel and Jesse Hansen
Leazer, Rich (6 - 8 pages)
Lilly, Mike - MR. MERCURY ?
Lissau, Russell - PRESSING ON 3 pages - approved
Loika, Pat - PATH TO ARMAGEDDON: MEMORIES (3 - 4 pages) - with Tim Loika
Lynch, Kevin - TAINT MONKEY (6 pages) - with Alfred Tam
MacPherson, Dwight L. - TPC 5 pages) - with Johnny Morbius (uh, is that your real name? lol) -- Can ya dig it?!
Majma, Raphael - BILOXI BLUES (4 pages) - approved - with Robert Hack?
Maloof, Craig
Manning, Shaun - RENEWAL (9 pages) - with Victor Cabanelas, inker TBA - approved

Matthews, Ryan - A NEW ORLEANS GHOST STORY (11 pages) - needs ink washes or grayscales.
McAffee, Kert - ONE EARTHLY POSSESSION (6 pages) - with Will Caligan (pencils) - approved
Melanson, Thommy - GOD SIGHS (6 pages) - approved, drawn
Orlando, Steve - ALL THAT IT TAKES - New Orleans Axeman story (5 pages) - with Lonny Chant and Matty Ryan - approved
Patton, Nathan
Rider, Lawrence - CHANGELING ROOMS (5 pages) - with Nelz Yumul - approved
Ritter, Jason - (3 - 4 pages
Rubio, Ryan - HEADLINES - (8 pages) - with Thomas Boatwright - approved
Sage, J.D.
Schlimm, John Jr.
Shingler, Rick
Smektala, Radek - INSENSITIVITY (4 pages) - approved
Smith, Nolan P.

Spatola, Matthew - THE VENGER (6 pages
Storniolo, Mike - title TBA (6 pages) - with Jeremy Dale - approved
Taylor, Dan L. (with Mario Boon)
Taylor, Dan L. (with Cal Slayton)
Trent, Logan
Vaughn, R. Scott
Wallace, Len
Wilkins, Adrian
Wilson, Alex - PERSISTENT CITY (5 pages)
Yost, Chris - FADE: OBLIVION (with Scott Wegener & Thomas Mauer)
Zegers, Steve - SHELTER (4 pages) - approved
Zegers, Steve - TEMPORAL TRAVELERS TIME TEAM (3 pages) - with Andy Jewett - approved

Alien Ant
Baskin, Tim - Thommy Melanson - GOD SIGHS
Beachler, Rob - Jeff Kipnis - LIGHTNING SQUIRREL
Boatwright, Thomas - with Ryan Rubio
Boon, Mario
Cabanelas, Victor - Shaun Manning - RENEWAL
Cayne, Bram - Ryan A. Brandt - MARCUS MIDNIGHT
Cranston, Evan (with Chris DiBari?)
Dale, Jeremy - Mike Storniolo - title pending
Delay, Donal
DiBari, Chris (with Jose L. Torres)
DiLeonardo, Marco - Sal Cipriano - BIO BOY
Dunne, Owen - Grant Chastain - THE SECRET EVERYBODY KNOWS
Geen, Adam
Hack, Robert
LightBombMike - Darren Davis - TENTH MUSE
McAlpin, Gordon
McCarver, Chris - Adam Beranek - GOTH NINJA
Milx - John Coons - BEADS
Ossman, Jason - Matthew Spatola - THE VENGER
Raiz, James - Jonathan Encarnacion
Scott, Ryan - Chad Labert - AMERICAN PATRIOT
Slayton, Cal - with Dan L. Taylor
Shinn, Tim
Tam, Alfred - Kevin Lynch - TAINT MONKEY
Treece, Jeremy - Erick Hogan - HEROES @ LARGE
Wegener, Scott - Chris Yost - SASHA story
Zumel, Federico - [i]Noble Larimer - WILDLIFE[i]

Carvajal, Jay
Castro, Juan
First Salvo
Glick, Jason
Hansen, Jesse - Noble Larimer - WILDLIFE
LaJaunie, Jeffery - Raven Gregory story?
Mitchell, Gary
Roth, Jason

First Salvo
Griffin, Lincoln

DePasquale, Shawn
First Salvo
Fowler, Brant W.
LaValley, Jay
Leazer, Rich
Maly, Chuck
Mauer, Thomas
Storniolo, Mike

Pinup Artists
Barratt, Christian
Cranston, Evan
Edwards, Steven
Forney, Sean
Jones, Nat
Jones, Rob
Lopez, Alfredo Jr.
Matthews, Don
O'Hare, Michael
Seely, Tim
Trent, Logan?
Villegas, Rey
Wachter, Dave
Yumul, Nelz

O'Hare, Michael
Wachter, Dave

Mauer, Thomas

Assistant Editor:
Jesse Hansen


WRITERS: If you already have a story idea, please indicate you do (and how many pages you think you'll need). If you already have a creative team, please say who they are.

Please email scripts/ideas to: - Subject: [Hope] Script

ARTISTS: Please post links to online portfolios. Sequentials a must.

PINUP ARTISTS: Please post links to online portfolios. I'd like to have a pinup seperating all the stories. We didn't manage to do that in Memories & Echoes and it would have been better.

Cadre 09-22-2005 07:09 PM

Raising money for pinups/real poor writers
Writers pay the page rates and not artists because it's understood artists have to invest in art supplies.

DILEMMA: Pinup artists still have to page the $15 page rate because - who else is gonna? I'm donating plasma to self-publish, so you know it won't be me.

THE SITUATION: Artists retain ownership of their sequential and pinup art. They can do with these pages whatever the hell they want.

THE PROPOSAL: We announce that pinups are being auctioned off to help defer printing costs for pinup artists.

Fans can bid for the pinups and can get them from the artist, knowing that their money goes toward printing this book and ultimately the Red Cross. (Since they'd buy art, it wouldn't be begging, basically.)

Starting price is $15.

OPTION 1: Any money above $15/pinup gets donated to the Red Cross right away.

OPTION 2: Any money above $15/pinup goes into the pot for printing costs/advertisement of the book.



It's NOT necessary to change you MO if you work solely digitally. The winning bidder could get a signed print of the pinup limited to this one copy.

As an incentive, we could credit winning bidders in the book.


I know that a few of the contributing writers are also just scraping by. Hell, aren't we all? But some are especially hard pressed for money. So depending on what the art team decides, maybe sequential pages could be similarly offered to get money for printing costs.

We pitched in for two pinups in "Memories & Echoes" in-house here at Ronin, and with enough PR and previews, maybe we can get get fans interested.

Half-baked idea? Something we should pursue? Please post your thoughts on this, folks. Thanks!

Cadre 10-20-2005 10:02 PM

coming soon... at FX Show and MegaCon

Cadre 10-24-2005 10:16 AM

Illegal Immigrants! Cover with all stages shown... ;)

concept pencils (roughs) by Chris "cannonball" Lesley

tight pencils by Chris "cannonball" Lesley

inks by Jesse (me)

colors by Freddy Lopez, Jr

Cadre 10-31-2005 04:08 PM

Thanks for the emails and support thus far everyone... hopefully everyone will pick up a copy of the Preview book and like what they see enough to pick up the graphic novel... the art and story gets better and better as we go along... :D

Cadre 11-13-2005 01:12 AM

Hello, friends and associates... I have created a poll that I hope you
will take the time to take part in.

We, in the Cadre Corner Studios, have been presented an opportunity
which I do not wish to take lightly and without much thought. This
opportunity if taken will begin a bold new step for us and those involved.

For those that have not actually been to the Cadre Corner Communique,
please register and look around before answering the poll. Look at
the samples on the site as well to help with your decision if need be.

I value your opinions and judgement in this endeavor and thank each of
you for the time and response. Some of you I have met and/or
associated with professionally, while some only in a personal basis.
If you are receiving this, then consider this a show of respect please.

This letter is addressed to multiple recipients and therefore slightly
less personal than I would normally have liked, but to expediate
things, I find it the best course to take.


Jesse Hansen
The Cadre Corner

link to actual poll via message board...


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