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Steven Forbes 05-27-2014 09:57 PM

B&N Week 179: Mix 'n Match--Which Genres Can Be Mixed To Best Effect?
We’ve got another Tuesday upon us, so that means we’ve got another installment of Bolts & Nuts!

This week, we discuss mixing and matching: which genre’s can be mixed to best effect?

I’m not going to go deep this week. There are a lot of genres, and within those genres are sub-genres, and that’s a rabbit hole that I don’t want to go down too deeply. So, to look at it at a macro-view, we have drama, horror, comedy, mystery, and science fiction/fantasy. Everything else can generally fit underneath those five genres. (I dunno…) It’s okay. I know it feels light. Macro-view, remember? Everything you’ve ever seen, heard, or read can be generally categorized as one of these, if not several of them. Simple.

Now things start to get complicated when we talk about media. Comic books are a medium, as is radio, television, novels, and cinema. Certain genres work better in today’s comics than others. A straight drama? Not going to get too much traction. A straight horror? That will have more traction than a straight drama. A straight comedy? Hell, every genre will have more traction in today’s comics than straight drama.

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