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CDog123 05-20-2019 11:45 PM

[paid] looking for a sequential artist for a comedic action adventure comic book
Hi all,

I’m seeking a sequential artist for a 22 page book. I need someone who can do pencils, inks, and color. Page rate is $50 USD.

It is an action adventure sci-fi comedy about an elite spy squad of nerds. The tone is fun, and lighthearted, but with enough serious action to make it cool.There is a lot of humor.

Must be able to draw comedy, and scifi including: Humans, aliens, fight scenes, superhero outfits, high tech weapons, and alien devices.

Looking for a style something like Rob Guillory’s art in Chew. Should be fun and accessible.

This is paid project. The terms are as follows:

-I will require that you sign a Work-for-Hire contract.

-Paid via Paypal in installments that will be laid out and agreed upon before work on the project begins.

-Must be able to complete all work within 30 days. Weekly schedule breakdown to be decided upon together before beginning.

-Finalist will be asked to submit a rough draft page from the script at a paid rate of $20 USD.

-I reserve the right to have two revisions for each page of art before declaring it completed.

-Completion of the job needs to be delivered in high-res digital files, 300-400dpi TIFF files in CMYK and RGB for digital.

Please send me samples of sequential pages, and character design to

Thank you!


Cory Jarvis

CDog123 05-31-2019 03:57 PM

Submissions are closed
I found an artist. Thank you to all who submitted!

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