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liminalsoup 12-13-2017 09:30 PM

Artist needed for Horror Comic (9 pages)
Calling all horror artists!

I'm looking for a horror artist with a realistic style, strong black inks, someone who likes odd perspectives and slanty panels, comfortable with gore, who can really creep people out with his/her images.

The project is a 9 page black & white horror comic called "Custom of the Sea" about 3 men adrift at sea who resort to cannibalism.

My aim is to submit it to horror anthologies.

I can pay $50/page for completed inks (no colours). Payment will be through within 24hrs of receiving the pages. You can either be paid $50 after completion of each page, or, $225 upfront, and $225 upon completion. You can invoice me with an email (digital webbing requires this for some reason).

A) Applicants should send me samples of scary/creepy comicbook art that is of the caliber you can produce for $50/page. I want to see what you can do for $50, not what you can do for $300.

B) Applicants should have a professional attitude. And be able to meet deadlines. There will be a $50 bonus if the 9 pages are completed by Jan 31 2018.

C) Backgrounds. I have an unhealthy obsession with backgrounds. Every panel needs a background. No closeups with gradients or starbursts unless the script calls for it.

Finished pages can be submitted by email or dropbox and should be 300 dpi LZW-compressed TIF format in the following dimensions:

The script is here:

I am Joseph Abbott, a writer from Vancouver BC Canada. I've published one comicbook on Indyplanet and Comixcology called Lost Girls and one short you can read on my website.

My website is

Please get in touch with me at


liminalsoup 12-19-2017 12:13 AM

Thank you to everyone who contacted me. I had more than 80 replies from interested artists!

I was able to pick an artist from those who applied.


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